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Please critique my ebook cover

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  • Please critique my ebook cover

    My name is Kevin, and, while I'm not a professional graphic designer, I've been building skill over time, and learning some of the basic principles, but am a ways from creating designs that really impress me.

    I've put together a 5x8 cover design for an ebook I've written about lucid dreaming, and would love to know what's wrong and right about it, not only to improve this project, but to improve my knowledge long term.
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    Welcome to the GDF Kevin!


    You might not want to use the $ at the front of your 'symbols' list because to me right now it reads $XXX. Like a price. (hope that makes sense)
    It would read easier if it was like @$%& or any combination that doesn't put the dollar sign at the front.

    Also the blurb that reads. A guide to lucid dreaming. The most fun... etc.
    I think a comma is incorrect here, it should be a period instead.

    Okay the design... I feel like the title is HUGE. It just takes all my attention.
    What is more important is a Two Bite Guidebook to Dreams or some sort of tag...
    The author right now is bigger than the guidebook and it just feels unbalanced to me.

    The illustration is okay... it might be nice to have more than two of the person transitioning just to give it a feel of movement.

    The black background under the speech bubble make me think that the guy was jumping into mountains or water b/c you don't show the entire bubble... it can become an optical illusion. Maybe look at that.
    (I saw it as water on first glance)

    Hope that helps.
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      I agree with everything Audentia said EXCEPT the comment about the period. I think it should be "A guide to lucid dreaming—(em dash)the most fun you can have while you sleep" OR put the second part "the most fun you can have while you sleep" in parentheses.

      Your main title is WAY too close to the left edge. When this gets printed, there's a chance that part of the art could end up on the spine—not good.

      I'm also seeing a white box behind "A guide to…".

      Hope that helps.


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        It's an e-book, so I wouldn't stress too much about type too close to the edge. Most peopel printing it would print to the printer margins anyway. So it's grand.

        It's totally fine cover. I agree with using symbols to cover to the swear word in the title, it's not very good that way, perhaps rething that line.

        And adding at least one more body diving would beneficial to the feel of it.

        I like it though. It's good. The large type is good because not everyone will have the same size screen, think ipod, palm, archos, net books, laptops, large monitors etc.

        I can see a white square behind the text, get rid of that.

        I think it's good.

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          Apart from what everyone else has mentioned, use smart quotes instead of the "foot mark" for I'm. To me, it's the biggest thing that screams amateur.
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            I agree with everything above.

            Certainly get rid of that white ghosting behind the text.

            Also, the 'By Kevin Bridges' line ... looks messy for some reason. Perhaps a bit of kerning would help as currently there are some real tight pairs and real gappy pairs.

            Nice concept.


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              I think the sleeping head at the bottom is visually competing against your title. Since the gray sleeping head is already having a thought bubble, does the flying person also need a talk bubble?
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