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  • Please vote on my Team Logo

    I have created two different logos that our team will use this year. Could you please take a moment and choose one and tell me why? I thank you for your time.



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    did you draw the baseball player and baseball? where did those come from?
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      Yeah, i'm with mojo. One looks kinda professional, the other, well, doesn't. And not just the drawing. The gulf in execution is considerable.


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        Which one did you think looks professional? One was a design I came up with and the other I put together from the team's suggestion.
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          Neither will scale down nicely when printed on shirts. A is too detailed, and Rawlings in rather small. In B the type at the bottom is WAY to small already on this HUGE logo, and the stroke is way too thin.
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            Neither isn't an option. And who said this is going on shirts?

            This is for the team website.


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              I am a greenhorn at this game, so keep in mind what I say has nothing to do with the technical reproducability (if thats a word) on shirts or where ever.

              My initial thoughts were, I couldn't have done number 1. ie I dont have the technical skill, but I coulda done number 2. (technically speaking).

              I'm surprised that the two white pieces of debris left over after applying offset to RIVAL weren't removed, but other than that I really like number 1 purely from a visual point of view.
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                Originally posted by Caesar23 View Post
                Neither isn't an option. And who said this is going on shirts?

                This is for the team website.
                well why don't you tell us a little more about your logo and what it's going to be used for before you get so snippy? a logo is something that you would use in multiple ways. printed on a shirt, embroidered on a hat, engraved in a trophy...

                the first one is beveled and embossed to death and the second one looks like a hardware store logo. check the kerning on your text for rival on B the V and A are way out of whack.

                the illustration is very cool in A but if it is clip art or a stock illustration you shouldn't use it in a logo. also when scaled down it won't replicate well.

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                  Every team on this planet has T-shirts.
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                    I don't like either.

                    A is way to busy, unbalanced and has hideous drop shadows and gradients.

                    B is boring and looks like a logo for water. A sports team logo usually will show some kind of aggression or similar concept.


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                      I personally like the first one. It looks more professional while the other is more plain and boring.
                      By the way, you from Colorado?
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                        i like the 1st one, i agree with most that the 2nd one looks unprofessional. do keep in mind tho that even if they dont ask for a tshirt logo right now, once they see the logo and decide to use it, down the road once baseball season is starting up, they are going to realize that their old shirts dont match their website/sign/flyers, etc. thats when it will bite you. sometimes what i have been known to do is make it look very similar, but explain to them that while it looks cool online and on paper, the t-shirt making process is very different that web/print.

                        i did however one time make a t-shirt that was very complex and crazy colors, we found a supplier that printed on t-shirts in cmyk and was able to do the crazy design my client wanted. im sure there are t-shirt people on here that know about this more than i do, seeing as how the only t-shirts ive done are basic one color... and good 'ole iron on transfers... i do know that embossing and drop shadows dont transfer well at all that might have to go away regardless...
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                          Anytime you say the word LOGO, professionals (such as us) rightly so think of the many applications logos are applied to. We would never do a logo for one purpose, like a web site, without it being applied to all aspects of the clients needs. It's just not professional and not done. If they already have a logo you should be applying that to the web site.

                          The first one is nice but as has been stated would not work well for other client needs.


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                            Originally posted by shmoo View Post
                            Every team on this planet has T-shirts.
                            Nudist baseball? <runs off to find out more about nudist baseball>
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                              Ah the amount of times people have sent me a logo embalzened with raster objects that just can't be scaled to a reasonable print size without losing quality.

                              Well done someone you made a logo that works for web only - now I have to sit here and redo the dang thing so that it print crisply.

                              I liked your first one. Just vector it and it's super.

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