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Consulting company logo - really need your criticism/suggestions

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  • Consulting company logo - really need your criticism/suggestions

    Hi everyone,

    Our company is in search of a logo, and we've got the ideas below on the table at the moment, done in-house. I'd really appreciate any feedback on these.

    We are a small consulting company that specializes in health education and language education. We also do business development, agricultural, and environmental consulting. The Chinese name is a bit more descriptive: Educational development consulting. Our clients range from college students in the city to rural elementary schoolers and retirees. While our trainings take place with youth and young adults, we also work with government agencies and school administrators in order to make those trainings happen. Themes that the company focuses on include transformation, life, education, and pathways.

    The first image (which is two logos) was done by someone else, but I have his permission to include it here for critique, and I'll translate and pass along anything that's said about his logo to him. (Moderators, if that's forbidden I'll take his work down).

    I think the only thing to add is that the one with the yellow background would often appear with a tagline to the effect of "Opening doors to better living."
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