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    I just thought I'd share this logo with everyone for some feedback. And really the logo is already done and approved by the customer but nevertheless, any critiques could be incorporated down the road if this goes further.

    A friend of mine from high school contacted me back in early 2008 to work up this logo for "Man at Arms" which is a line of fight gear apparel that he is working on. He's back into it over a year later and we just finished what I feel is a killer shirt design, although I can't show it just yet...hopefully soon.

    We did want to share this logo though just to see what peoples thoughts/opinions are on it. He wanted some kind of edgy text and a shield incorporated...something that has a medieval feel to it...something bold yet simple and easily recognizable. This is where we ended up after a number of sketches/concepts/revisions. He has a few friends who fight and they all seemed to really go nuts over fact he printed only a few t-shirts with the just the logo for a friend to wear to some fights and it got lots of excitement.

    Any of you guys/gals into MMA fighting? Is this something appealing to you? Now imagine this logo incorporated into a 14x14" T-shirt design along the lines of Affliction, Tapout, Archaic...some of those fancy, high-end shirts. What are your thoughts of the logo? Do you think it has a 'fight gear' feel to it?

    Any thoughts or comments on the logo would be appreciated. As I said, we just finished the first T-shirt design which is a full 14x14 on the front and back and I think it turned out real slick. I'll share it as soon as the customer is comfortable with putting it on the web.

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    Nicely executed Tony, but something bothers me. I can't quite put my finger on it. It's kinda "motercycle gang" in a bad way...but that's not quite it...
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      I don't know much about MMA .... but it's pretty brutal from what I do know. This looks hard and edgy ... so I should think it would compliment the sport. I like it.

      It's screaming "make me a tattoo"

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        I think it works well; although the coat of arms doesn't say much about the name, not like it has too as Tapout and Affliction have a text logo then build designs around that for seperate MMA fighters. I think it would fit the market more as a typeface without the coat of arms, as it really isn't doing much for me.

        You could use the Logo and the Typeface differently as seperate logos for different items of clothing, though, which could work, but for tee's I think if you just used the typeface it would work better.


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          Very nice. I like the way you incorporated the @ into the a. Very clever.

          The only negative feedback I have is that I find the lines around the shield to be a bit too thin. I feel that they should be beefed up a bit (more powerful/strong) and given a bit more breathing room.


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            Just thought I'd bump this now that the holidays are over.

            Any other feedback?
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              this is good stuff. i'm sort of getting a "q" or an "o" from the "at" so you might try making the "at" a little more defined. and watch that "a" in Man as well -- i think it's wanting to turn into an "o" really bad. man, i have to tell you, it looks awesome in color too.
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                Ohh... I like. I think this would be great on t-shirts and toques and stuff. it's simple but not. Just right for a logo in this market.

                I do agree with mojo that the A in at is a bit tough... but not a deal breaker for sure.
                Love the red to black choices.
                Does inspire me to think motorcycles when I first saw it.
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                  Love it! The only thing that slightly irks me is the fact that the horizontal and vertical lines in the cross are not the same width. For an OCD person like myself, it just makes me feel all uncomfortable inside.
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                    Then only bad criticism I have is that it's awesome. And that's the bad criticism, the good criticism is that it's friggin' awesome.

                    Nicely done.

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