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Happy New Year!

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  • Happy New Year!

    Hey GDF. Been a while since I posted. Been managing/administrating the family restaurant over the past two years... yeah, this graphic design troll has had to leave the comfort of his LCD screen-lit comfy cave to glad-hand customers and bark at hourly employees not to mention watching the pennies.

    Anyway, finally found some time to do some real design. I love the poster format and our restaurant is doing a promotion for New Years. Busted this out in 5 hours without sketches. Its almost all Helvetica. Mostly Light with Wingdings.

    Of course I had direction from the boss (who also happens to be my mom, a fine artist in her own right) and accepted and tweaked accordingly.

    What say you of the final product?

    A little smilie goes a long way.

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    Please keep in mind - I'm just beginning, so my opinion might mean little.

    - What about adding color to Happy New Year?

    - What about moving the arrows more toward the bottom pointing up to New Year?
    (something doesn't feel right where they are?)

    - Reserve Now and website on 2 different lines?

    Just my initial thoughts, but I do like the design.
    I will love to hear what others' suggest as well.
    Please support justice for Bella


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      I see another flaw with the clock...

      Its just a graphic element with subtle information but if those hands were pointing to 3 the whole grid would be off!
      A little smilie goes a long way.


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        Oh, I didn't know that was a clock.
        I'm sorry - my bad.
        Please support justice for Bella


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          Your kerning is all over the place (happy ne w ye a r)
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