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  • Nooka Ad series

    Nooka is a sorta a watch/accessory company that focuses on design and embraces the future. They actually are a really interesting company based out of NYC. These were done for the one show/club, just looking to get some further input on them before I send them off.

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    I'm not really much help to critic on something as pro as this. I love them all three of them. I don't really have anything to say as far as changing something. They look good to go. In my opinion, someone here with more professional advice may think otherwise.


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      Kind of looks like itunes. You said you made them just for the One Show? Not for publication? Wouldn't they need some contact info/call to action? Store and hours or www or email?


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        Maybe make the nooka and tagline stand out more. I think it needs more contast so you can see the companies name better. I like the design though.


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          I agree - these ads look good but they ultimately make you ask more questions rather than answering them. What is Nooka? Your viewer is ultimately going to ignore it if they can't figure out where to get more info.
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            They look nice, but I agree that they generate more questions than answer them. What the pancake is a Nooka? It looks like an apron that tells time.
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              I so agree with Virgo that my first thought was apron.
              They are nice and all but I wouldn't have a clue what you are selling. And as I don't know the brand that would be my out.

              Maybe you need a tagline that helps that out? Or a different approach to the person?
              Also contact information is key.
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                The background is great. I love it. But I agree that you can't really tell what it's for. My initial thought when I saw it was literally "What the eff is that??" Maybe a little something to give some more insight. "More than an accessory" doesn't really tell me anything, except for something that it's not. (not "just" an accessory...then a what?)
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                  so these are flexible body sized watches?

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                    I understand where it may be hard to pick up on what is actually being sold. I had thoughts about putting a smaller watch in the corner of the ad and moving the tagline and Nooka logo close to the bottom.

                    I guess it never really crossed my mind to put contact information up and I have no idea why but it logically makes a lot of sense.

                    Updates should be posted tomorrow


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                      I moved the nooka and tag line but as I did I remembered that they were in the places they were because the background is an enlarged watch and that's where the branding was located on the watch.

                      Increased the opacity in the Nooka, I figure i may aswell make it solid at this point. . .

                      Although they do make more than watches I changed the tag line because in this series I focus primarily on the watches.

                      Lemme know what you think

                      (I know the magenta one has a ghosting of Nooka, its late and i need that led apple monitor)

                      Its hard to see but its 8 pt font the secondary txt reads "experience"


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                        Sorry, I just think those ladies would look much nicer without those obstacles hiding all their beautiful natural curves.
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                          Unless these really are aprons that tell time, I don't see the point of having these things enlarged and draped across their abdomens. I don't think it looks attractive, imo.
                          Burn the land and boil the sea, you can't take the sky from me.



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                            *reads ads*

                            Hmm. Too bad they don't make anything for men.

                            *moves on*

                            (I cheated and Googled the company. You've ignored a good number of potential customers!)
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                              I am not really getting the concept or why I should have any interest in the product.

                              What will this product do for me?
                              is it just for women?

                              The design really shows an overt mimicry of the Apple iTunes campaign.
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