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Billboard type Design.

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  • Billboard type Design.

    Ok, So I'm working on a billboard design, for a Dentist. It's more of a fake job that i created on my own, hoping it will become real. My sister works for a dentist so I'm making a billboard to try to see if maybe he would be interested.

    I will not be using the photo of Jessica Alba, if the dentist becomes interested I would want to put a picture of him. This is just to show that I want a picture where she is located at. Other then that, I was just messing around. I have to point out my flaw as you may already know. I am not good at choosing fonts. My classmates have pointed out to me many times about using different fonts. Well tell me what you all think about it. I have my heavy sweater on, I can take it!

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    Billboards have a 3 to 5 second read so it has too many words, like most billboards. Say what you need to in less than 10 words.

    Yes too many fonts and not bold enough. Stick with 2, One for Display Headline and one for the rest of the copy. Why don't you listen to your classmates if they've told you that you use too many. Research award winning billboards are called Obies:

    The hierarchy is all over the place. Research and look at Dentists websites and see what they consider the most important

    No reason to put the address on a white background, should continue with the same background.

    The Dentists' name should be First Name, Last Name, DDS MS or whichever is correct.


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      The address is way too close to the edge. Too many different fonts.
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        The sun rays are in an awkward place, right after the "T" in dentist. My eye goes right to that spot but nothing is there.

        Also, I wouldn't use a picture of a hot actress as a comp for your dentist if you will need to convince him to buy this. The reason is because right now she's the most eye catching thing on the billboard. She's what sells it, and she sells it by being sexy, right? But she won't be there when you replace her with the dentist, who (since he's a male dentist) I assume is not a sexy twenty year old woman.

        If you don't have his picture now, try to find a comp of a man that looks more like him and he'll have a more realistic idea of how the billboard will function as an ad. You might also find that you need to change other things to make it more interested once you have a picture of male dentist in there.


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          I would change the heirarchy.

          "Everthything begins with a Smile" should be the focus, then the dentists's name, / professional title.

          Like Dr. John Smith, D.D.S.
          ("Dentist" doesn't really need to be that big, does it?)

          Keep the type simple and bold. Ditch the sunburts for now.
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            Lots of good advice re hierarchy
            Virgo is right. You need to watch your safeties. Wide format printing is not an exact science.

            Ditch the sunburst. Old hat. And it's not doing anything for your design but distract and misdirect.

            White to light blue gradients are notorious for step banding. I can't tell if your sunburst is an opacity gradient or a fill gradient but either way you are risking some weird color interactions. You would need to run a full scale image proof through a section of that to make sure you aren't getting something like pink stripes or muddy cyans. I'm not kidding about the pink stripes.

            What program are you using? While vector is nice, some gradients have to be created in Photoshop to deal with the banding. What size are you working at? Does your computer have the balls to deal with an image that may approach 350mb flattened and maybe 3 or 4 times that when layered during production?

            Do you have access to a photo of the person you intend to use at the proper resolution to go this large?

            Do you have bleeds? Bleeds on billboards can be quite hefty depending on how they are applied. A stretched print might have 6" bleeds.

            When you present this idea, are you just going to show a pretty picture of your idea? Or have you researched what it would cost to actually get this proofed and printed? What it would cost to rent various billboard space you have in mind? Landing a job is based on the full presentation, not purty pictures.

            Many billboard companies insist you submit files to them and they use their own print vendor. Do you know the file format for submission? On something like this it is best to know that first before you even sit down at the comp. That way you are working in the proper scale and rez to start and don't have to work with large files twice.

            And lastly, everyone's first wide format job is a belly wobbler (or any large $$$ print job for that matter). If something goes wrong, you eat it. And that's a lot to eat. Large format printers keep a very large dumpster for their mistakes. How big is your wallet?

            Sorry to sound discouraging. But forewarned is fore-armed.
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              Hey guys! I really appreciate all your advice. I will go back and rethink on some of the ideas on what to do.

              Printdriver: I have to answer No to a lot of you question, I was making this billboard to continue to work on design on my winter break from school. I would really want the actual dentist to be interested and think about buying it, but I never really looked into prints and how much it would cost, and all that. I tried researching what sizes to work with, but since all billboards are different sizes the way to find that out was to call the billboard company. I am using CS4 Illustrator and Photoshop. I didn't have any bleed, though it would probably be a good idea for me to make them huh? When researching about the billboard I did find something about having to print in different sheets. I didn't understand that. I was not sure in what format to work with so I just made one up. I though i could just re-size or figure out how to re-due everything to the printing format. Also I'm using a Mac Book Pro, it has been a good computer, I would like to say it can handle an image that approaches 350MB but i have never done it, so I don't know.

              I will continue to work on this as is, but if the best way to get the formats on prints is by calling the Billboard companies I will do so. Then i will re-post what i have done.


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                Sheets is the older method of putting images on billboards. They glue up actual sheets of paper like wallpaper to make the image. The newer method is a large vinyl print held in place with stretcher bars. Depending on who owns the billboard either method could be used. Tri-spins are even trickier. If you ever do one, make sure your fonts aren't the new trendy skinnyass fonts that fall through the gaps. LOL! Saw that again last week on a tri-spin I pass on the way to work. The image lasted one day before being replaced. Guess who probably ate the cost...
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