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  • Personal Site Mock-Up

    I have just finished the mock-up for the homepage of my portfolio, I was wondering what your thoughts are. Its not a finished product, so some feedback would be goood.

    I am trying to go for a nice and simple theme (like me ) so didnt want a full bells and whistles massive flash site!

    Thanks for your help:

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    It's nice, but it could do with some polishing. But as you said, it's just a mock-up.

    May I suggest using the font Verdana instead at about 0.9 em? It looks a lot better on websites.

    I also feel the copyright information is too close to the bottom of the design. Perhaps move it up a bit?


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      I had originally set it as Verdana, but then discovered the other font which I really like. I will have a look at which looks best!

      I will also bump the footer up a bit.



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        definitely use a sans-serif font.
        the copyright could be much smaller.
        Also your leading feels kinda squished, but maybe with a sans-serif that will open it up a bit.
        Otherwise looks nice and functional.
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          I have swapped it back to a small Verdana and it looks a bit cleaner. I will keep the other font for the headers though, as the contrast between the two is nice.


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            Watch your line length, personal pet peeve. Unless your site can be scaled by the viewer.


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              What do you mean? The fact the text is in a block, rather than just natural line length? (this has a name, which I cant remember)


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                Setting text to justified is uncommon online, also it will look much different in a browser as it won't affect the last line. I would still advise against it.

                I'm guessing this is not a full size shot? Otherwise it's rather small.

                The font you're using will not work online. The main ones you're stuck with are Arial, Times New Roman, Georgia and Verdana. Trebuchet MS and Tahoma can work though the install base is a bit smaller.

                I hate to say it, but it's lacking in zazz, vibrance - the teal looks very plain and the image that I think should be catching my eye is pretty far down the page.
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                  Line Length is how long each sentence is. Graphic design usually declares a sentence to be from 32 to 66 characters of whatever type and size of type you using. So count out the characters including spaces and punctuation. The eye has a hard time reading really long sentences like that. I know people do make longer sentences and I see it everywhere but it still doesn't make it right.

                  Here's a couple links


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                    Oh I see you are asking about Justified text vs Flush Left, or Ragged Right.

                    The justified text does look pretty bad with so many open spaces creating Rivers. Your typography skills are a bit rough, you might want to look into Uc&Lc long one of the best the standards in typography.



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                      Like Audentia said, use a sans-serif font. It looks good on body text.

                      I don't see much problems here other than the design being too bland. Perhaps you could do something interesting towards the top. Not that it's bad though.






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