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  • A000 Molecules
    Can anyone identify this font?
    A000 Molecules
    This forum never lets me down, can anyone identify the font for the word "School" this is a poster for the movie School Daze....
    Today, 01:19 AM
  • Saint-Michel
    Legal size cardstock for business cards
    Hi everybody,

    I want to print business cards with my Xerox ColorQube 8570DN, but I am having a hard time finding legal size cardstock that is thick enough. The thickest Avery precut cardstock...
    Yesterday, 11:21 PM
  • lifestylere
    Lifestyle is the Name - Montague Script is the Font...
    Lifestyle is the Name - Montague Script is the Font - The L is the problem

    Ok so Montague Script is the font except the F thats Hiatus both by the same designer Stephen Rapp

    Yesterday, 11:02 PM
  • it52
    Reply to Logo Design for upscale eyeglass store
    Thanks for clarifying.

    I guess for me I've done logotypes before so a part of me wanted to do something different for myself but I realize I was too focused on one idea and not letting it...
    Yesterday, 10:51 PM
  • <b>
    Reply to Logo Design for upscale eyeglass store
    What sorts of things can be associated with eye care? Actual things, like eye charts and tears? More abstract things, like clarity and focus? Or maybe even concepts like beauty and style? There are lots...
    Yesterday, 09:42 PM
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  • Logo

    Hi guys

    I am doing a logo for my bro's business. He organises and broadcasts conferences to the web, and also sells the video on his website after. How do you like this logo idea? Obv i will not use this font and colour, and i'll be tidying up the rays from the 'e' but this was a quick draft to get it onto the comp for now.


  • #2
    the second two remind me of the crown casino. I would rethink this graphic to make it a little more original.

    the font at the moment is very bland - have a play with some other options and show those.


    • #3
      cheers Paj, as i said, i am not going to be using that font, it is just the default font, while i think of what font to use. just the concept i am looking for advice on ) i take ur point tho, and back to the sketch pad P


      • #4
        Have to run, already late...

        But wanted to say that it reads online vents to me.

        Sketching not only helps you work out good ideas, it helps you get past the bad ones.


        • #5
          his website is, so was going along with that...


          • #6
            Don't use Papyrus. Tis gross.


            • #7
              I know, he paid to get that logo done.... Dont know who it was. I am hoping to come up with a much better option


              • #8
                As PanToshi says, it currently reads more like "Online vents" with the middle "e" set differently. Maybe jazz up the "O" instead?


                • #9
                  I agree with the others, I read "online vents".
                  I'd rather be hated for who I am, than loved for who I am not. ~ Kurt Cobain


                  • #10
                    Originally posted by bigmaz View Post
                    I know, he paid to get that logo done.... Dont know who it was. I am hoping to come up with a much better option
                    You definately will looking at the current one (the website one he's got)! It is reading online vents at the mo due to the funky e, it's not quite working as it is. Look forward to seeing your revisions!
                    Last edited by artgem1984; 01-15-2010, 02:52 PM. Reason: meaning unclear!


                    • #11
                      The first one looks as if it's for a radio station or something. The three lines going out of the 'e' look like some sort of signals. And seeing that your brother organizes broadcast conferences and such, the first one would be perfect.

                      Obviously a lot needs to be done to improve the design though.


                      • #12
                        I am finding this one hard to get inspiration for. My next installment......... Again, i will not be using this font for the actual design :P


                        • #13
                          Tried this one, but looks like a sweetie wrapper, lol!!


                          • #14
                            Rather than just blasting the signal out into space, can you possibly portray a link in order to represent the parties communicating. For example linking the start of the word to the end of the word somehow, or at least some sort of a closed loop cycle.
                            When men will beg God to kill them and they won’t be able to die


                            • #15
                              With a tagline


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