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Star Wars Render Scene.

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  • Star Wars Render Scene.

    The image size is really big on this, so I'm just going to post a link. This was my first ever rendered scene in Cinema 4D, It's not much but I'm glad with how it turned out.

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    Not a bad start at all!

    Rather than a rombus - and if you would like - try looking at your volumetric light settings for that depth effect - or even putting a slight transparency mat combined with a reflection mat to turn it into a metal/glass object.

    and if you haven't seen these yet - head on over. It's a resource for star wars 3d models specifically for C4D.

    Happy rendering!


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      Thanks for the feedback! I'm still very noobish as to materials and lighting effects as well. I actually watched a tutorial for the light saber, I didn't intend to make an entire scene out of it, but when I seen the final product of the saber, I couldn't resist :P. Where can I find the "Volumetric Light Settings" ? I know that's probably a noob question lol. Thanks for the link as well, I'm sure I will use it for sure. Happy Rendering! Johnny.


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        I don't use c4d, I'm a 3dsmax person. Try searching for c4d volumetrics tutorials and you should find something to help you out.

        also take a look at this post. it goes over the basics of material layers and what they do.

        The other thing you may want to get is UVMapper classic - it's a free unwrapper tool to do texturing with. Just make sure you group your meshes before exporting the object, else you'll have a mess.

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