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    I am working on a design for my portfolio. It's a mock project. I wanted to give a new take on an old design - almost every coffee shop logo has a cup of coffee accompanying it. What do you think of the card? What do you think of the logo?


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    Two coffee cups? Very nice.


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      Thanks, chamferface. A klatsch is a gathering (and great name for a coffee shop). I wanted the design to be reflective of the concept, while staying simple.

      Other opinions? My thick skin is on


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        I see what your trying to do, but it doesn't really read coffee shop to me. If I was to see that logo by itself without having prior knowledge of the store, I wouldn't think coffee shop. Not speaking German either (I am assuming it's German?), if I was to see the name and the logo, I still wouldn't know what it was.

        Once I knew it was a coffee shop though, I think it's clever. And since it's a business card, the person you are giving it to probably knows it's a coffee shop. I agree with you that the coffee cup is way overused. I think that happens because most people can't figure out any way to say, here is a coffee shop without having the cup.

        Disclaimer: I am a college student studying graphic design. These are my opinions and shouldn't be taken too seriously since I don't really have that much experience.
        "You can't say it sucks. That's my job." -design professor


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          I think it's a good concept. I like the lettering. Seems very folksy and comfort foody.

          I would remove the stroke around the cup graphic in the logo.

          Also, the little graphic to the beside the name is too close the edge. The cup on the right may get chopped off.


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            Thanks for the feedback! How about this? Originally, I did this version without the stroke, but it seemed a little more ambiguous.


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              ya, looks nice but I also don't like the logo next to the name ,,,something bothersome about it being off the edge like that.

              I think you should scotch tape a coffee bean on that is my original idea
              sigpickeep it simple or simply keep it


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                J_Frye, I was a little bothered with that, also. Kaffeeklatsch is just such a long word! To balance it out, I elected to go with a bold font and bold symbol. Also, I felt like the word Kaffeeklatsch needed to almost stand on it's own since it is not exactly a regular word. That's also why I picked a font with descending f's.

                With this in mind, does anybody have any suggestions for balance (or other opinions).

                Also, I like the coffee bean idea


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                  The colors are rather unappetizing...


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                    I honestly like it. The font used is perfect and the design is simplistic yet it serves the purpose and that's all that matters.

                    Concept is fresh too.


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                      Thanks for the Feedback

                      Thanks for the thoughtful feedback. I changed the colors - thanks, PrintDriver - it is a coffee shop after all and the logo should be scrumptious as well as functional. Let me know what you think:


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                        well I like the colors on the original one much better...or should I say colours ?
                        sigpickeep it simple or simply keep it


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                          Yeah, I'm on the fence. Since it's for my portfolio, I may see which fits better in context - the original browns are close to supporting corporate colors at the company I work for. Some of that work will also go into my portfolio.


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                            I like the colors in the orginal 2 idk made me feel like having a cup a joe and i like the logo
                            above the persons info. Good work =D






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