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    < not a lawyer.

    Show me the contract.
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  • Logo--School Work

    Ok so at school the teacher made us take a picture of a tool at home, and I ended up taking a picture of a Hand Saw, I believe that's what it's called. After that she made us trace it with the pen tool and said, now you guys have a logo! I want you guys to come up with names for this logo, but think outside the box, don't make the logo for a tool store or something like that.

    So i have this two names for it.

    Sharp Tooth--for a surfing company
    Steak House--For a restaurant

    So far i only have logos done for the Sharp Tooth, and I'm only posting the ones i like best.

    Let me know what you guys think.


  • #2
    The tool seems really menacing to me. Maybe I watch too many horror movies. I don't know much about surfing, but a saw seems violent, not fun/sporty/surfy.

    As for a steak house, a hand saw would suggest that they serve very tough meat!
    It is more fun to talk with someone who doesn't use long, difficult words but rather short, easy words like "What about lunch?" Winnie the Pooh


    • #3
      What grade are you in?
      I feel like a city kid who has stumbled into a town


      • #4
        I cringed when I read "Now you guys have a logo!" I hope your teacher has a better understanding of the general rules of logo design than that. It's nice enough as vector drawings go, but it's too detailed for a logo and should be able to work in strictly black and white no shades of gray. The fine lines will be lost at small sizes.

        It is a kind of hand saw. This kind specifically being called a hacksaw. They're typically used for cutting metal. While the teeth are sharp, they're very fine and don't really back up the "SharpTooth" name.


        • #5
          @Lithonate I'm classified as a JR. UTPA, University, and yes the teacher wanted us to do them in black and white, so i have some of them which are in black and white, and but since the saw is mainly grays and blacks i figured it would be ok.

          I understand what you all mean about the saw, i kind of didn't really like the concept of a saw in a surfing logo, but then again it was really hard for me to come up with names for a logo of a saw. The teacher liked the Sharp Tooth, because of the saw having the little teeth at the bottom and they are sharp, but she asked what would the name be for? I suggested a surfing company. So i worked with that.

          So would you all think that the Steak House would go better? Tough Meat, sounds like it will be hard to bite. lol Maybe that's not such a good name after all.


          • #6
            Way to detailed for a logo.

            What's with the wave?
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            • #7
              This whole process is really backward. You start with a company, then you brainstorm the logo concepts. Starting with a logo and then brainstorming a company to pitch it to doesn't happen.
              It is more fun to talk with someone who doesn't use long, difficult words but rather short, easy words like "What about lunch?" Winnie the Pooh


              • #8
                the wave is because i felt the saw itself did put across surfing. =/ so its obvious its not working.

                N well the teacher started us with the logo and then to come up with a name for a company. =/


                • #9
                  Originally posted by budafist View Post
                  This whole process is really backward. You start with a company, then you brainstorm the logo concepts. Starting with a logo and then brainstorming a company to pitch it to doesn't happen.
                  ^ this.
                  Sigs. Made by the internet, for the internet.


                  • #10

                    Hello everyone, ok so this are now some of my logos.

                    Going from left to to bottom...

                    The first one i added the wave mainly because of the surfing, the saw is the tool i needed to use. Since the saw has little tiny teeth at the bottom which is what is used for cutting I came up with the name Sharp Tooth, went with surfing because Sharks have Sharp Teeth. The second logo is the same with just a different type of wave. The third logo i cut the Saw. I only left the handle at the end flipped it and thought that looked like an abstract wave. Since you all said also a logo should be simple and when made small should still be able to show what it is i thought it worked well. Now for Steak House... Of course i thought putting the two saws in that format would make it look like a roof, and the saws here just saw Nicely Cut Steaks! =) Umm yummy. The Second Steak House logo i wanted to show motion, I really like it, but i don't think it looks awesome when super small. Then the third one is also the cut only handles and it looks to me like the bone of a steak. So i left it like that.

                    What do you guys think?



                    • #11
                      Your teacher sounds a little squiffy.


                      • #12
                        What is up with this - is this for surfing, tools, steak, or other?

                        "May your hats fly as high as your dreams"Michael Scott


                        • #13
                          What does a saw have to do with Surfing or a Steakhouse. Would youwant steak that was cut with a hack saw from Home Depot?


                          • #14
                            I guess this could be considered a good exercise in one way. If you do become a graphic designer, you'll be asked to do things against good judgement and occasionally work ass-backwards and make the best of a bad situation.

                            Right now, your associations of the saw to surfing and a steakhouse are tenuous at best. Try thinking about more humorous associations you could make with the hacksaw.


                            • #15
                              Yeah, a firm of Lawyers may be interested lol


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