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    Hi all

    I am new to this forum and am a senior in college w/ a graphic design degree. So here is my problem. I am doing a final capstone project and have picked to do a wine and cheese store with signage and wine/cheese labels, tasting menu etc. I need a name for the store. Here is what I have come up with:

    The kings court
    The court jester
    BlackJacq (Jaq)

    Personally I like the idea of 'the court jester' b/c I have some interesting ideas on what to do within the logo using the jester but I wanted some feedback from other people concerning the name!

    Thanks for any feedback!

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    What kind of a target market are you after?

    I've seen a lot of gourmet food places pop up and the trend tends to be towards short names. Maybe there's something snappy and punchy that appeals to a younger market? You could still use all the cool jester imagery you want with a name like Jest.

    For example, I just went to a gourmet food store tonight called Nosh. Love that place. I spend too much money on fine foods...
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      As this is primarily for wine and cheese, why not work in some French? Probably the most famous country for those two products!

      Here in Bulgaria we have a gourmet food and wine shop called Dons des Dieux (Gifts of the Gods)!


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        Jest is a cool name. I think it'd work better as a wine/cheese bar.

        If it's a wine and cheese store and you aren't naming it after yourself, then a food or wine reference in the name is a good idea. Give people a sense of what the shop sells just by the name. This isn't a hard'n'fast rule, of course, but a new store has to interest people in even stopping by.

        A couple of funny store name versus what they sell here in Houston:

        Stein Mart - clothing store

        Spec's - liquor store






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