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Looking for some ideas in photoshop

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  • Looking for some ideas in photoshop

    So lately ive been making things using just photoshop. No outside photos just colors and effects. Ive been working on this butterfly - bird thing and im just looking for some feedback. Composition, effects, better techniques... ideas.

    Thanks if you have any.
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    Sorry about that

    Ok i guess you cant do it like that, here are the links.

    PS - How do i just put the pic in my post.


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      Originally posted by bROKEN View Post
      Post the img tag.

      They're interesting but kind of hard to critique when there doesn't seem to be any communication. Are there more details to the project, or are they just for fun?


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        I went ahead and took the html code out. I see you're using photobucket. Like Shawj said, choose the Image Code tag and paste it directly into the post.

        Or, to link to an image not hosted at photobucket, click the "add image" tag:

        and paste the image's URL into the dialog box that opens.
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          It's hard to crit them as purely art pieces. What was your aim for these? Are they just to exercise your colour and effect usage?

          I don't see a butterfly by the way. Looks like bird wings.
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            Lens flare!!!!!!!
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              More on the project

              To answer questions i am doing this purely as a skill builder. It originally started as a ball of light. I added wings and attempted to make it look like some soft of flying bug. I tend to think of an effect i want to use and look up a video tut or something like that and try to recreate the effect. It never works out like i want it to, but i get to play around and discover new things. I know the wings look like bird wings, but i liked the effect so i kept them. The fact that you distinguished them as bird wings makes me feel " happy fun time" cuz at least you saw something. the idea is to have some sort of "energy" bug with streams of energy coming off of its wings and its body. This turned into more of a sparkly cloud of smoke, but in my head it was the early from of progress. Now that there is actually something on the page i decided to bring it to the forum to see if i might get some feedback on ideas, effects or weather or i should just quit photoshop and jump off a bridge instead.

              More on the direction of the project-
              i want the effect of "energy" coming off the little guy and i want him to be glowing. Maybe flying through a small cave or something and just splashing hints of light on the cave walls from his glow. I know its not much but its what im thinking right now.

              Thank you all for you feedback

              and yes i used the lens flare!






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