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    Hi All,

    It would be a great help if you could lend some criticism to a logo for a web design company, named Six Seven, that I am starting with a friend. We created a few different design themes but decided on the one below.

    As you can see the '67' does not change for each design but each design has slightly different typography.

    We are currently designing our site but have not yet decided on our color palettes, once we do we will color the logo accordingly.

    We wanted to keep the logo simple and professional. Any feedback would be great. My real concern at the moment is that the font maybe too small, especially in 1-4. I made it a little larger in 5 (just realized the positioning is slightly off though) but I prefer the way that "six" and "seven" are aligned in the other examples.


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    I actually saw a percentage sign at first, just without the second circle. Out of those, I think number 5 works best. The thin lines in the others will be lost when scaled down to a small size.
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      Why do you need the type at all? Let your audience figure out what it is, isn't going to be too hard if they look at the url.


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        The mark is interesting, but watch the junction of the 6 and 7, it doesn't quite seem to line up exactly.

        I don't think that you need the text "six seven" at all. I feel like that is taking away from the strength of your mark.
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          Thanks for the criticism.

          Morea and adnewell, I will remove the text and see how it looks, my original reasoning for adding it was to stop people reading it as "sixty seven" but as you say it shouldn't be too hard for them to work out from the url. I can't really see too many instances where we would be using it without the actual text of the company name being present.

          Morea, I was aware of the slightly mis-aligned junction but thanks for pointing it out. I just wanted to make sure I was on the right track before fixing it.

          I've got a little work to do this morning but I will post the logo without text later to see what you think.


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            You may able to use tone or colour to separate six seven as opposed to sixty seven. Maybe just play with the positioning of "six seven" try horizontal, on top etc.

            Just a thought.
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              nice All
              But number 2 best

              Good luck


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                I like it, but I think you should remove the dot from the i in six, if you are sticking with the text, it's just at odds with the design and separates it from the rest - it stops the flow. Plus then you could align it better, i.e. closer to the side of seven.

                I'd maybe try increasing the letter spacing of the text to make it fit the width of the 7, or alternatively have it aligned to the left or thr right of the 7, because at the moment it doesn't seem as though it's keep with the flow. You could alternatively align it with the edge of the 6's circle bit.

                Hope this helps.
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                  I like it alot .. i would also suggest removing the dot from "i" .. i like the font on 4 the best but maybe without the lines .. maybe place it like 5 .

                  looks real good tho , good job


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                    I like you're aiming for simplicity, but there's something that bugs me here and i can't put my finger on it. It feels half formed. The negative space formed between the 6 and 7 (the start of a lovely swirl) feels wasted, there's too much white space in general, the image looks like a nose and half a pair of glasses, it reads 67 and you couldn't be bothered to think around that. Maybe all, maybe none of these. I'm not sure. It just doesn't look finished.


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                      I like the concent, and I sort of like the text in the mark... however niggling aside, it looks ever so slightly off balance... is the riser of the 6 higher that the drop of the 7? is the circle too far right? And has already been noticed the alignment is a pixel off...

                      Could you redrawn this rather than use a font?






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