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  • Logo critique and suggestion.

    Hi, all you here in GDF
    I have created this logo an upcoming game, "The Art of Cricket"
    but the owner said that it's bounce and ball trail give a look of ICC( International cricket captain), so please suggest me some changes so I can get it better also tell me which one is better in these versions.




    Here is ICC image:

    Waiting for your comments and suggestions.

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    I'd suggest not using the bouncing ball at all. However you use it, it will be too reminiscent of that logo and that's something you don't want. The player is also way too detailed for a logo.
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      Thanks for replying first, actually without bouncing ball logo looks bit empty as it's for a upcoming game.
      I will try to reduce detailing as you said, thanks again.


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        I agree with Virgo that the Batsman is way too detailed - I'd consider losing the darker green strokes, and just opt for a one colour silhouette. I'm also not entirely fond of the placing of the character behind the letter 'C' - it creates a weird shape to his leg, and also the clear stroke around that letter is not consitant in weight.

        Be aware that Version 1 reads 'Cricket The Art Of'.

        Nothing wrong with illusrating a bouncing ball, but in this case, it looks exactly the same as the ICC image, so you really will want to re-think that.


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          Where did you get the image of the cricketer?
          There are potential copyright issues there.

          I think you could have chosen a much nicer font. The one you have looks dated and boring.


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            Thanks for comments,would you please suggest some font names that will suit more.
            Yeah V1 was just check the look of logo.
            Also suggest me what should I draw except bouncing ball to fill that area.


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              You need to come up with the ideas and the fonts and we'll critique them. Sorry if that is harsh but most here are working designers that have to do their own thinking.


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                Originally posted by PrintDriver View Post
                You need to come up with the ideas and the fonts and we'll critique them. Sorry if that is harsh but most here are working designers that have to do their own thinking.
                Agreed. Was trying to think of a polite way of phrasing that myself.






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