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    I do GCSE art and design in school. I decided I will do Graphics Design in it. We just had our mock exam. My teacher is new to all of this so she didn't give me a graphics design exam paper, but an undendorse paper. However, I still wanted to do graphics design. One of the questions was on Viewpoints, where we had to choose a viewpoint and create an image from that. I decided my theme would be the Empire State Building/ New York City. Then from that I will create a flyer for a made up travel agency. This is my final piece (the flyer):

    i am thinking of doing graphic design in college, uni and as a future job. Looking at my flyer, am i capable??

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    Well, you have just done what every single starting out designer does. . . Fall into the cliche of designing.

    here's a few guidelines to start.
    1) design with your client or target market in mind. Unless the person is going on a gothic retreat, this ad is too dark and spooky looking.

    2) don't use filters that look like you obviously used filters. This is an amateur mistake of having the filters do the designing for you. There's a ton more about graphic design that making a pretty picture that is in your personal style. This includes the live trace/filtered skyline, and the lens flares...

    3) study up a little on typography. Generally the fewer conflicting font choices the better. Look instead into Type families that have many styles (thick, thin, bold, oblique) that you can choose from to have impact. Generally I limit to two fonts. A title/display font and a text font.

    4) composition. You mentioned that it was the empire state building, but the focus is on all of New York....which is it?

    and black with gradient in that vibrant of red (screen color is not print color) can result in a bit of mud if you are not careful.

    The question you should be asking yourself is if graphic design is really for you. Graphic Design is a high tech ability, with an graphic eye, but very much less so an artistic expression.

    And I wouldn't be able to tell if you are capable by that one flyer, because it has a very narrow focus.



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      Depite Drazan's kick in the nuts, and she's pretty much spot on, i think it's OK for a first effort, technical issues aside. Yes, you break just about every design rule with each and every element, but as you've never been taught GD then what else can you expect. If we ignore the actual content (font, reliance on effects, poor choose of image) the elements themselves are quite strong. There's a large catchy visual, hierarchy, and a boldness i like.

      I couldn't say whether you're designer from just one piece but if you're willing to learn and not be overcome by trends and effects, which is a HUGE stumbling block for a lot of young designers, then sure, I don't see why you couldn't be one.


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        Thank you so much for the advice. You were very helpful. I did what i liked because i didnt have a proper purpose behind it, i made it up. I will use your advice in my exam, when i get an actual graphic design paper. Thank you


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          The poor-quality image is very uninviting. Doesn't make me want to visit. And where's the Empire State Building? Looks like the Woolworth Building on the far right...
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