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    so I've been hired to redesign the website for my school's annual film festival. I know its infinitely times better than the current one ( but I would like to see what everyone thinks of it and see if it can be improved in any way.

    It's still in the design phase so here is a image of what I have so far.

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    Looks good.

    Blue in the header, doesn't match the blue in the middle bar or footer though.
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      Interesting, I like how you're mixing the somewhat grungy texture with the clean. It works. Agree with the blue issue ckret mentioned above. What's the significance of the globe picture in the footer?
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        Thanks for the comments, I'll work on the blue in the header. The globe picture in the footer is kind of a trademark thing the school has been using on all their media with the rebranding they've done. All the school's web pages have it in the footer and I figure I would also to try to stay consistent with the branding.


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          Kern the space in 12, you could drive a truck thu there.

          th is way too small.

          Kerning is all over the place in your 3 line header

          Should have some secondary leading between the first and 2nd line in the header

          What is the line art in the yellow? Can't tell at all.

          Rounded corners used for no reason and leads the eye to a dead space, the white border, on the blue tabs

          Nice grid


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            I kerned the space in the 12 but to keep the alignment of both sides with the word "College" i also increased the text size and the "th" text size.

            I'm working on the kerning in the 3 line header and trying to keep it looking as close as possible to the university logo. I understand that leading is the vertical spacing between lines but could you explain what you mean by secondary leading?

            The line art in yellow is stage lighting, I guess I can see it because I put it there but does anyone else have any issues in deciphering what it is?

            I also squared off the corners on the blue tabs, I completely agree with your statement about the dead space and the fact that there was too much extra space on the two ends. I might try to rework the tabs however because I personally like the idea of having rounded corners there.

            here is the updated version I'm working on now with some of your suggested minor revisions.

            Thanks again






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