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  • John G
    Reply to what is the best photoshop document size for a mobile only website mockup
    John G
    For iphone target we typically use 640 width (double actual 72 dpi size), then there are tablet sizes, but I've yet to see anything other than 72 dpi with those.

    Mobile is such a pita. With...
    Today, 10:22 AM
  • John G
    Reply to Columns w/o float
    John G
    That sounds complicated.

    * { box-sizing:border-box; }

    Column 1:

    width: 50%;

    Column 2:
    Today, 10:04 AM
  • John G
    Reply to Education for Web Design/Development
    John G
    I work at an agency and generally everyone at Front-end is an art major (we don't program asp/php etc (well, typically, but we can pick it up)). I wouldn't say there's a specific degree you need. You...
    Today, 09:48 AM
  • Momoshy
    Reply to Must Branding Be Consistent Between Package and Hang Tag?
    If its hot stamping, there is deffinitely a minimun width and size, some letters may fuse and be unreadable others simply will dissappear. Cant tell you the minimun size since, to be honest, its been...
    Yesterday, 09:17 PM
  • kammio
    Hello from cold & snowy Alaska!
    Hi, I'm a graphic designer from Alaska and I'm so happy to have found this forum. I have very few people here that I can geek out with about fonts, or commiserate about being a photoshop-aholic, so I'm...
    Yesterday, 09:15 PM

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  • Personal Logo

    my eyes are glazing over from staring at the monitor too long. I need some guidance. I'm creating an identity system for my design portfolio, business card, letters, an so forth.
    My teacher suggested I might want to make my logo appeal to corporate businesses since a lot of my design skills seem to cater corporate jobs. And since I'm a generalist, she also said not to go crazy with my logo but to make it appeal to a variety of businesses. (but I can go crazy on my portfolio pieces)

    This makes sense, but I'm finding this hard to do! Cause my instincts are saying to go quirky and random since that's how my personality is. Honestly, I'm tempted to draw a bunch of scribbles with an M on top, or a hippo and call it a day.

    Maybe I can find a blend between what corporate businesses want and what represents me..

    Being my name is Mark Mizal, I tried to do something with the two Ms.

    My favorite color is lime green, but my teacher said that corporate people like blue. So I tried to use both.

    Honestly, guys. I dunno anymore. I need a break. So here's what I came up with.

    I need a lot of direction, so please share some constructive criticism. Making a logo for myself is harder than I thought. Thanks

  • #2
    9 and 14 look like the view from the foot of the bed during...well, you get my drift.

    You are your own client in this case. Have you written a brief? Have you asked yourself the same questions you would ask any client? Clarify (with a pad and pen) what you want your business to be, and to whom it should appeal.
    This post is brought to you by the letter E and the number 9. Those are the buttons I push to get a Twix out of the candy machine.
    "I put my heart and my soul into my work, and have lost my mind in the process."


    • #3
      Originally posted by Markasin3 View Post
      my eyes are glazing over from staring at the monitor too long.
      Try staring at a pad of paper with your pencil then.

      Originally posted by Markasin3 View Post
      My favorite color is lime green, but my teacher said that corporate people like blue. So I tried to use both.
      Then use (lime) green. That's what I did!
      Professional Pixel Pusher — Designing the world around you. | Working daily to reach 10,000 hours of practice.


      • #4

        I saw some potential in number 8 because it was very simple, and so um... I got a little carried away

        Last edited by Markasin3; 02-20-2010, 10:53 PM.


        • #5
          I like number 4 and 7. 7 would be very cool animated as if writing your name......just a suggestion.


          • #6
            My favorite color is lime green, but my teacher said that corporate people like blue. So I tried to use both.
            Sounds like an odd thing for a teacher to say. Just because many corporations use blue doesn't mean you should follow suit - otherwise we'd all end up with only blue logos. Go with what suits YOU - as you are the designer for your work - not your teacher.
            - Jen

            "You cannot soar with eagles if you surround yourself with turkeys"

            My blog


            • #7
              also - i like where you're going with the mark - but the typefaces you seem to stick with are on the thin side - i'd play a bit with different fonts- check on the readability of the overall mark at different sizes.
              - Jen

              "You cannot soar with eagles if you surround yourself with turkeys"

              My blog


              • #8
                okay, thanks

                I think I'm leaning toward sample A


                • #9
                  If you're going with A then sort the shadow out. It looks like an A, with the left leg shadow completely throwing it off. Plus this is greyscale. How's it going to work in b&w? The two-tone M doesn't really seem to be signifying anything. Dull type too. Actually, there's not a lot to like in this. There's better choices in the original 15, like 5 and 7.


                  • #10
                    Why not a hippo?

                    My logo is a penguin.

                    I like 6 from your first batch, but they are a bit boring... It seems like you've got some talent and I good eye for design - I reckon you could do much better.


                    • #11
                      I like 5 from your initial designs.

                      I don't really like the shape of the 'M' in Markasin's edits, the straight edges at the tops make it look a bit cheap. I think that's why I like 5, because of the pointed tips. Looks a bit more sleek.


                      • #12
                        Thank you everyone. Roth, you're right, the more I looked at logo A, it just looked like one big mess, and the crown-like appearance doesn't really fit me anyways. I messed around with number 5 and number 7 and challenged myself a little bit more.
                        These are designed completely in black and white. Number 5 is near the bottom, and number 7 is there, a tad bit tweaked.


                        • #13
                          Who is your target audience with these designs?
                          What do they expect a designer to be like?
                          I think your designs are developing in a very technical, artificial, virtual direction.

                          If I were an engineer, a lawyer or an evil director of HR I might prefer designers with a touch of artistry or even handcraft.

                          So I'm the dissenting opinion here: I vote for number fifteen. Or for a future number fifteen with a little work done on it...


                          • #14

                            Your logo is more than just an important part of your marketing materials. It is the face of your business. Your logo gives clients and prospects a visual reference to pair with your business name, which increases the memorability of your brand.

                            Here at logo design company.



                            • #15
                              "A" in POST #4 looks like a crease in folded paper, up the centre of the M, yet the rest of the M edges say it isn't folded. What about cutting out an M in card, putting in a real crease, and then playing with a torch to get a real shadow that really looks like the shadow you would like to have. I find doing things with card or paper in reality, triggers ideas that I wouldn't get in front of the VDU. But thats what happens when you're a Blue Peter fan And for all you yankee doodles...
                              Last edited by Heartburn_02; 02-22-2010, 08:46 AM.
                              When men will beg God to kill them and they won’t be able to die


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