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  • Logo Critique for Church

    Hey everyone, I'm working on my first *real* project after a few months at a spec competition website, so I'm pretty excited. I'm only fourteen at the moment, but I'm very serious about learning design and getting better. This logo is for a local church, who needs a new identity that communicates strength and dependency. I'll also be designing the bulletins and such, so any thoughts in that regard would also be helpful.

    Thanks for your help!

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      I like it, but I don't really *get* it as a church logo. I mean it looks cool, but what does it convey?

      You also have some big kerning issues.
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        Well, if you look closely, one vertical bar is taller than the others.

        Im puzzled. I guess at a stretch you can see it as jesus leading his people. Sorta. That symbology seems to be popular (leader leading his flock).


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          Is the vertical gray bar part of the design? If so I would ditch it because it's ruining the relationship between the text and the other part of the design, IMO.

          However, once you do this I think the typography is going to dominate the 7 vertical bars. Might want to resize some things.


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            Incredible stylish logo, especially for a teenager!
            I like the logo, does it resemble the church building?
            I agree with Shawj - get rid of the vertical line and work on the typo.
            Impressing, anyhow...


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              ^Mostly what they said.



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                Maybe it's just me, but I immediately think of a menorah with the seven lines.
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                  The lines make me think of postal bar codes:

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                    This seems pretty cold and minimal for a church. I'm not really getting "strength" per your design brief out of it either.


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                      I'm surprised it hasn't been mentioned yet, especially with you being 14, but I hope you're doing this in a vector based program like Illustrator.

                      And I agree with Craig about the menorah.


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                        Originally posted by Yossarian View Post
                        This seems pretty cold and minimal for a church. I'm not really getting "strength" per your design brief out of it either.
                        Yep, and uninspiring. A place I'd like to avoid.


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                          I mostly agree with the above comments
                          I too would remove the long vertical gray bar

                          My suggestion: Could use more contrast between the image and the text. The bars seem to have similar density to the type so perhaps you could push one or the other.

                          I also personally don't care for the font choice -- I also don't know the church well so if you deem it fitting, leave it. Otherwise, browse and see if you can find anything else more fitting and pleasing to the eye.

                          And, like said above -- work in vector and keep everything editable. You want to leave yourself with tons of options!


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                            This is all that God inspires? Wow, what a church. Sorry, but this is not a very inspired logo at all, honestly.


                            1) Get rid of the computer, for now.
                            2) Brainstorm - What does this church mean to you? What does this church say about your faith? Lots of religious/spiritual questions you can ask to come up with words.
                            3) Once you're done with the words...Come up with a concept from there.
                            4) Draw!!! - Pencil and Paper only, no computers.
                            5 Once you think you have a design, put it in the computer and put it up here for us to look at.

                            This is the process I use every homework assignment.
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                              I like this. To make a more direct relation with the church, I would expand a little bit the central vertical bar and add a short horizontal one to make a cross. I don't agree with others, keep that long vertical bar but make it a thin black not grey (grey will be hard to reproduce). Work on your typo. 14 hey, keep a it kid...






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