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  • Personal Gallery format & design

    Hi, I have a personal website hosted courtesy of a friend and his server, it is in no way professional as I am not a designer.

    The gallery's purpose is to simply organise and display my creative works. I've settled on the big-thumbnails-grid after seeing it done beautifully somewhere. It doesnt feel right - could be the date or the size or maybe its the spacing.

    I'd like to hear thoughts on this setup and also on other things like the page title box or description box/fields at the bottom of each image page (or whatever else you pick out).

    Other info:
    - site is built on MediaWiki
    - it can however, use full html but javascript effects are problematic
    - the page title box is 'hit-and-miss' as some browsers display it distorted
    - large images are hosted on photobucket to save bandwidth (is this frowned upon or reasonable?)

    Thanks for replies. Looking to improve the gallery and perhaps redesign the whole thing along with the website.

    It should look like above if displaying correctly.





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