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  • Business Card Critique

    Hi Everybody. I am a total noob. I'm not even sure if I really qualify as a noob being as I'm not really into graphic design. The reason I am posting is I recently figured out that I need a business card. I don't have the money to have someone else design it and I know a little (very little) about design and photoshop. So I figured I would design my own and I was just wondering if I could get some honest critique on it. I work in film so that might explain the idea behind the business card. I went with 18% grey as more of a novelty and homage to film, even though we live in the digital age. The only thing I'm pretty set on is making the back the 18% grey thing. Other than that, please tear into it and critique it as you will. Please be nice though. Thanks in advance.


  • #2
    Kitten, you'll get more responses if you post the actual image instead of a link to it...
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    • #3
      I don't know hot to edit my post so I'll try to post them here.


      • #4
        I can see why she posted a link Virgo ... but you asked for it
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        • #5
          I would center you name on the back... Adding a drop-shadow to the G would give it a lot of definition. Most people don't add drop-shadows to their elements in their business cards. If you add a drop-shadow to the G it will make your card stand out among others.

          Did you make this in Adobe Illustrator, and then rasterize it in order to post it here?


          • #6
            Your contact details are too close to the edge of the card.
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            • #7
              IMO it feels rather boring and static. The large red G makes me nervous just resting on the edges like it is, either pull it in or make it bleed off the edges more. If you opt to pull it in, then you should make sure that it (along with your phone number, email, etc.) is at least 1/8 of an inch from the edges.


              • #8
                On my monitor the red 'G' on the grey is an eyewatering contrast. I get dizzy watching it.
                But maybe it works printed out on paper...


                • #9
                  The red is a little bright and distracting...on my monitor too.

                  I rather like the simplicity of the design. Making the margin changes and lowering the red to NTSC-legal (I know you know what I mean!) would make it great!


                  • #10

                    Thanks everybody. I'll give all those changes a try and see how it looks. I appreciate your help.


                    • #11
                      Will you be setting these up in spot colors? A percentage screen of black will play hell with your small reversed out letters.


                      • #12
                        ^agreed, and possibly be inconsistent, depending on which press it's run on. a PMS grey is more predictable.
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                        • #13
                          Originally posted by Jack Viper View Post
                          Adding a drop-shadow to the G would give it a lot of definition. Most people don't add drop-shadows to their elements in their business cards. If you add a drop-shadow to the G it will make your card stand out among others.
                          Please don't do this as it will look horrible. There is a time and place for drop shadows and this really isn't it.
                          When all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail.


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