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    Im creating a page for a company dealing in organic products, dealing with local farmers and importing fruits. I you guys would please take a look and tell me what can go better i would appreciate it a lot.

    Here is the front page

    Here is a sample of how text would be applied

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    improve layout. color scheme's really nice - contrast in color.
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      I think its lovely and colours and contrast reflect the product well. I find the difference in with of the darker orange headings a bit cumbersome. You could try keeping them the same colour, shadow etc, but making them the same size as the box beneath them.

      Or possibly align them left. I think it's the centred alignment that's troubling me.

      One other thing, is the plant with the orange circle around it their logo? If not, and you are designing that too, I'd lighten the colour of the orange a bit, to me it looks in conflict with the orange colour scheme on the page.

      Another thought, if that is their logo, you could use the green in it somehow in the rest of the page design.

      I am new to all this so don't take what I say as right! It's just my opinion! I do think the colour scheme and contrast works great though.
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        Thank you very much guys!
        I am still working on it and I think I'm getting there.
        I will let you know how it goes!
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