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  • email flyer

    I'd love to hear your thoughts / suggestions.

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    Leading is far too tight, the lowercase g has it's descender on top of the uppercase B.

    The copy is a little awful, I wouldn't use the words "painstakingly restored", sounds like it was a tedious job where it should invoke the feeling of a joyful occasion.

    "genuine icon" isn't a great term either.

    You have double spaces after full stops.

    Other than that the flyer is ok, not a bad job.

    How are you sending this via email? As flash, html, image, pdf etc?

    The image did take a few seconds to load and i'm on a fairly fast internet connection. What file size is it when being sent via email?

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      I agree with Eugene that the leading is way too tight. First thing I noticed.

      'A British' feels very awkwardly placed.

      The 'Why purchase a replica' line feels rather lost in the copy. I'd consider somehow making that sentence stand out more, as it seems to be a important question to ask a prospective buyer.
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        You're saying "invest in the genuine icon".

        How is it an investment?

        "May your hats fly as high as your dreams"Michael Scott


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          Thanks for the feedback, guys. I'll make adjustments and re-post. I agree the copy is pretty cliche', but it's what was provided by the client. I think the "investment" refers to since it's the real thing, it could be considered a collectors item or antique as opposed to a reproduction.

          Eugene, it'll be sent out in html via mailchimp. It's only 600px wide, so shouldn't be too large.
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            Ah lousy clients. We'd be much better off without them

            Sure, the advert is fine, and if there's nothing you can do about the copy then there's nothing you can do.

            I don't know about them being an investment though. But that's just me.

            I agree with what Virgo said and make some of the text into "call to action" as they say in the marketing business.

            "May your hats fly as high as your dreams"Michael Scott


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              I agree with vigro "A British" is awkwardly placed

              But may i ask why someone would want a phone booth in their garden lol but that would be quite convenient

              Heck I'd buy one xD


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                Agree. Copy on their Web page is better.


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                  Originally posted by lucdesaulniers View Post
                  Agree. Copy on their Web page is better.

                  Very much agree.

                  Of course, did you notice who they are using for their hosting? I'm sorry, but I just think those Go Daddy commericials are hilarious.
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                    I'd like to see the text take up a little less page space. The image has a nice feel to it and it feels a little cramped at the moment - let it breathe! The font has the right feel but I wonder how a sans would look for the body text - maybe a little cleaner and letting the Heading and website stand out a little more.


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                      First thing I noticed is that you will have to email this out as 1 large image. Most common email providers do not support background images underneath type. Thus, ALL your type needs to be part of the image. Which means this needs to be 1 image and the file size will be large(r) than necessary, which will take a while for people to download to view (especially on slow connections). NOT GOOD!

                      Having said that, there is no need for a "click here" link since you might as well make the entire image clickable.

                      You have double spaces at the start of your sentences. This is not required and will look nicer with single spaces.

                      No legal/copyright information?

                      No "Unsubscribe" link??

                      No "Click here, if you are having difficulties viewing this email" link???
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                        Originally posted by darkwolf29a View Post
                        I'm sorry, but I just think those Go Daddy commericials are hilarious.
                        LOL... I agree again






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