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  • crit my photo editing

    you know how when you're working on something for so long, you don't even know if it looks okay or if your tired brain is just telling you it looks okay?

    i removed some things obvious does it look? what looks wrong? what can/should i fix?

    edit: i know its low quality... let me know if it warrants something higher res..
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    mmm ... looks kinda OK, although the shadow on the plate looks a bit odd (considering the light sources).

    Difficult to say without seeing the original.


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      Hi rieann,

      Looks pretty good. Couple of tiny, tiny comments.

      1. The edge of the shadow over middle part of the chrome bit (where the logo was removed), is a little rough on the edge. Minor but it is noticeable at this resolution, you may want to see if you can clean up the edge of the shadow so that it matches edge of the shadow on the left and right side.

      2. The shadow on the license plate is a bit strange. It looks like the only light source is coming from above, yet the plate itself is illuminated. Since there is more than one source of light, the density and the edge of the shadow needs to be adjusted. (less density, less sharp edges to the shadow IMO)

      3. Not sure if the tiny white dots on the edge of the chrome bit and the edge of the beige top is part of the original photo, but I would get rid of them both.

      4. Are the spot flares added or part of the original photo? They are very bright white and may detract from whatever it is you are planning to put into the license plate. It's hard to see at this res, but the radiating star bursts that from the center don't look like they conform to the curves and furrows either.

      5. License plate looks odd. There is a white hairline around the the whole thing and the rectangular shape has sharp corners. Looking at some reference, I think these license plates have rounded corners. The drop shadow also make it look like it is sitting above the surface a bit too much. You might want to look at "sticking it down" onto the surface more.

      6. Finally, the color of the cyan areas on the license plate is ... well, too cyan. Here is the google image reference I am using to compare. See how it is less turquoise in nature?

      These comments are EXTREMELY nitpicky on my part. I assume you will be using this in the catalog that you have spoken about in other threads. Depending on the final size that you will be using it, many of these comments will be unnecessary. (I would fix the license plate edge, the shadow on the plate and cyan-y color at the least.) If it is going to be the cover image, I would go whole hog and clean up the nittygritties I have mentioned here.

      Nice work! Looking good.
      Hope this is helpful.

      PS: Assuming you are printing this in 4-color, try to stay away from stark bright whites. They will knock out to the white of the paper and may look like "holes".

      Sorry for the verbose reply.
      Sketching not only helps you work out good ideas, it helps you get past the bad ones.


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        Thanks for your reply! Here is the original photo..
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          Good job on getting rid of the plate numbers and 'fiat' but ... the shadow still needs some work.


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            Thank you. The chrome (middle section above the plate) is whats driving me the most nuts..

            Concerning the plate shadow..I will go and do some cleaning, however I'm putting some plate text in place of the original text so, the shadow won't be such a main focus.

            The white dots are gone..didn't even notice til you said it..

            Yeah, those flares are pretty serious, and part of the original. I'm hesitant to try and rid them because I feel i'll make it look worse.

            lol..whats funny is I haven't added the plate to this image, that remained untouched, save for the text inside.

            This will be the cover, so I'd like it to look as good as possible.

            Elaborate on your stark white "holes" thing? ...
            Last edited by rieann; 03-03-2010, 10:07 AM.


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              Keep Saturn in Saturnalia.


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                I think this is better. Although chrome is essentially the devil, I feel like I can get away with being a little abstract, because who's to say what it's reflecting...
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                  Wow. Was I off. LOL!

                  I was using the Mini Cooper image I found as reference for my comments. Strange that the license plate in the original shot is more cyan than blue in comparison to the google image I referenced. That being said, I am not in Europe, and have no personal reference to the color of license plates across the pond. I guess they differ so dramatically?

                  The flares (also part of the original image) are very stark, and it is odd to me that they don't seem to conform to the plane of the surface. <shrug>

                  It is also weird that the plate is square edged versus rounded corners. The white hairline is also odd to me, given that is part of the original shot. Again, I guess the finish of plates in Europe vary? It looks very "stuck on" to me compared to the mini cooper shot I referenced.

                  Regarding the "holes" comment, when printing, there is as you know, no white ink. Therefore white is actually the white of the paper versus an ink and will have no ink coverage in that area. Sometimes, it will look like a hole versus a highlight when there is little variation in the edges. Specifically those two little while dots that you have already removed. I would not try to remove or change the tonality the flares unless you have superior retouching skills.

                  Did you take this photo yourself or did I come from another source? Perhaps the flares/license plate etc. were "done" by someone else?

                  Hope this helps some. Looking very nice. Can't wait to see how you treat the text in the plate.
                  Sketching not only helps you work out good ideas, it helps you get past the bad ones.


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                    Originally posted by PanToshi View Post
                    Wow. Was I off. LOL!
                    You see what happens when you start thinking about things too much? lol! I'm trying to look at this image more like an ordinary person who probably could care less about what shade of cyan. For my sanity.


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                      Good job, all I would do is create a path for the shadow under the Chrome and airbrush it instead of cloning. You'll get a much smoother tone and feel.

                      Two paths one over the blue and one over the white.






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