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  • Stefan Tomasevic Portfolio

    This is my portfolio web site, and I'm looking forward to your comments.

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    Moved to Crit Pit for comments.


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      I think there are some cultural differences that prevent me from fully liking your website.

      On the first (Index) page, I see your name, your logo, and a bell button. In the US (or at least to me), the bell button means "call me" because the major phone service company in the US used a bell as their logo for decades. It made me hesitant to click the button, not sure if it would open my e-mail client or do something weird.

      Your logo is very organic and sketchy, but then the navigation icons are very pixelated and amateur-looking.

      I don't understand the (English) paragraph on your home page. It doesn't tell me anything about you or your work. (FYI, "beginning" is misspelled on the 7th line from the bottom.)

      I think the checkerboard graphic on the bottom is distracting and kind of hurts my eyes.

      Your portfolio work is lovely, though. There is a lot of life, color, and vibrancy, but your website isn't reflecting that.






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