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    This is my portfolio web site, and I'm looking forward to your comments.

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    Moved to Crit Pit for comments.


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      I think there are some cultural differences that prevent me from fully liking your website.

      On the first (Index) page, I see your name, your logo, and a bell button. In the US (or at least to me), the bell button means "call me" because the major phone service company in the US used a bell as their logo for decades. It made me hesitant to click the button, not sure if it would open my e-mail client or do something weird.

      Your logo is very organic and sketchy, but then the navigation icons are very pixelated and amateur-looking.

      I don't understand the (English) paragraph on your home page. It doesn't tell me anything about you or your work. (FYI, "beginning" is misspelled on the 7th line from the bottom.)

      I think the checkerboard graphic on the bottom is distracting and kind of hurts my eyes.

      Your portfolio work is lovely, though. There is a lot of life, color, and vibrancy, but your website isn't reflecting that.






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      • globe
        Reply to Illustrator view problem
        Maybe profile missmatch. I will take a look, tnx for info.
        Today, 04:27 AM
      • Pavlo
        Reply to Company Logo Design Critique (would love feedback)
        Is that really the desired brand personality for the company? - an angry, murderous / scary looking black gorilla with giant, very sharp fangs holding a spanner? Perhaps that's what your client thinks...
        Yesterday, 10:52 PM
      • HotButton
        Reply to Logo collection critique
        Color Paint?

        Is that like a Golf Cart Driver?
        Yesterday, 10:31 PM
      • HotButton
        Reply to WHY?
        Obviously one of those go-to people who "knows computers." What're you, jealous?...
        Yesterday, 09:19 PM
      • PrintDriver
        Reply to Logo collection critique
        Logos without context are just pretty pictures.
        Who is the client for each of these and who are their potential clientele in what part of the world?
        Or are these just clipart logos for posting...
        Yesterday, 06:13 PM
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