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    Hello everyone I just need a crticism of a magazine cover. I want to add it to my portfolio just so the employers know I can work with layout composition and typography. As long as it is entry level position material Im happy. Any comments any how to fix it up make it more professional would be appreciated thanks.
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    Title in behind the headshot


    Lose the shading on the bottom right box

    Too many fonts - perhaps? Check the link above for structure and hierarchy of fonts.

    I think you're a little close to the spine with your text; move everything on the left inline with the headline. You'll need about 5 - 7 mm space on the spine edge for where the cover is folded (unless it's saddle stitched then it doesn't matter, i.e., if the cover has a spine leave 5 - 7 mm area free for the glue area of the spine)


    Issue No?

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      Watch your justification as well. Try and work to a grid structure so that all of your text elements line up with each other.


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        Oh and printing black, it's best to get a build from the printer.

        Sometimes just 100% black won't cut it, especially in large areas like you have.

        So you may have to make a rich black up of something like
        50% Cyan and 100% black

        Some say 20/20/20/100

        But whatever your build is don't let the percentages go over 300%, i.e., C100%/M100%/Y10%/K100% = 310% - which would be probably too much ink coverage on the sheet.

        *edit* the text over the right in the box is too close to the edge too.

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          You might consider thickening the thin white fonts, because sometimes thin strokes can fill in when there's a really dark background.

          "May your hats fly as high as your dreams"Michael Scott


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            Definitely as Mart said make sure things line up. Your titles do not line up with the masthead. This is incorrect, make sure they are lining up (and that will give you the bleed room you need anyways for safe area).

            The most important part of a magazine is the first inch or two on the left side as often magazines are layered on the newsstand. So... in your case you have your two main headlines there, that is good, just line them up. And the "Bratt" should probably more over to the left so that you can be sure that people see his full name. Or at least Benja Bratt or something and they will know who the celebrity is.

            I think Benjamins head could be a bit smaller so that you have a bit of breathing space from the masthead to the headlines.
            I know Eugene suggested having his head over the masthead, that might now work because of the black fade background... but it's a good idea if you can. (and watch your close crop on the hair if you do it needs to be really good).

            I agree with the others that you need to loose the shaded background on the third headline on the right. Also it should line up with something... Or even just move to the left side.

            There are certainly too many fonts going on. Usually on my cover I pick two or three and that is all. Then you work with different weights/italics etc of those fonts to make your headlines. Right now you have a lot of very different fonts going on that don't mesh.

            I wouldn't say that it's a bad start at all, it's a good start, but just lots of tweaking and stuff to do.
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              Thanks guys really appreciate your advice. The the hair in front of the font might be a problem cause it fades to black. Heres the second draft.
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                You have some serious tracking issues on the word Hispanics.

                I think the "A Conversation with" font is a bit weird looking, maybe because it's in upper/lower case. I would play with it a bit.

                Style Standouts: Designs of the Times looks awkward. I would still move it over tothe left as you have the space, no reason to crowd Bennies head.

                The issue number is not important... The month is more important than that. (and in fact we only run issue numbers on the inside of our magazine not on the cover, just a preference)

                I still don't really like how the masthead is encroaching on Bennie's head and would bring him down or make him a tad smaller.
                I'd rather be hated for who I am, than loved for who I am not. ~ Kurt Cobain


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                  There's no Hierarchy to the text.

                  Make styles

                  Heading 1
                  Sub Heading

                  Then apply Heading 1 to the top text and Sub Heading to the text below it.


                  "May your hats fly as high as your dreams"Michael Scott


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                    I'm not liking how '20 MOST INFLUENTIAL HISPANICS' is set up. '20' is too big imo, too eye-catching. 'MOST' is is tracked out waaaay too much and the leading between the lines isn't even, makes it look sloppy.

                    The leading throughout in general is really tight. I'm fine with it in Bratt's name, but everywhere else it feels really cramped.
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                      You've received some good direction and suggestions thus far. If I were to throw in some of my own thoughts, I would first ask what other colors have you tried to work into the design? It may just be me, but I feel as though the bronze-like color is not working. I think part of the reason is because it seems as though the color was chosen from Benjamin's skin tone. Have you tried a red or yellow?

                      I also see what you were trying to do with the "20 most influential hispanics." Adding to the critiques provided thus far, I would make the 20 in a light or regular weight and the rest in a regular or bold. The 20 already has its own color to set it apart from the rest of the words in the article and it is already at a much larger point size. Does it need to be in a heavier weight as well?

                      Once you get things to where you think they should be, challenge yourself and possibly try to add an extra article or two on the cover. Whether you read Vouge, Nintendo Power, Vibe, or WWE, you will notice 4+ articles on the cover. I think this may also help you in deciding what article is most important to emphasize and how you should work the other articles in.

                      We look forward to seeing your improvements and changes.


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                        Thank you very much for your comments everyone. So here's some the magazine with some revisions let me know what else I should do. Im still working on the color scheme. I chose the tan color because well most latinos are tanned me included.
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                        Last edited by Lacho; 03-12-2010, 06:47 PM.


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                          i would track out "bratt". the hairline between the "t" looks like a mistake, either make them touch or don't (don't).

                          i would go with emanresu on the color change advice. the text is overwhelming the celebrity. or at least try and put "latino" behind bratt's head.

                          possibly track out "february 2010", it looks cluttered.

                          the terminals of where the "i" and the "n" meet is not a clean transition, (bring the "i" down or the "n" up just a bit.

                          you may want to play with lower/title case.

                          make the "barcode" narrower and rotate it 90 deg. or move it to the bottom left under benjamin.

                          the revision is a whole lot better than the original. keep it up!


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                            Okay here are the revisions. Again thank you for your comments.
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                              Looks stronger now.

                              To nitpick - the slight reflection of white in the hair at the very top could be removed. Without it, you can't really tell that the text is behind the photo. It will look like the text and photo dont overlap.

                              I dunno, give it a shot and compare.






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