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  • My website!!!

    Please let me know what you think of my website! Thank You

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    I like it! Very nicely constructed and easy to navigate/use.

    My only comment would be that the light body copy font is really difficult to read on that textured background and the copyright info is just about impossible to read.

    However, I'm knocking on in years!


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      I like it what you use to do it


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        I don't really get why Media Gallery and Portfolio are different. If those are videos you edited then they should be a subsection of your portfolio not their own nav.

        Also, I can't even begin to tell you how horrified I am at the "For Sale" tab indicating you plan to sell pre-built logos. I don't know how you are going to prebuild logos for companies you haven't talked to... but the thought just scares me.

        Also the entire site is in flash... meaning that the text is not being crawled by search engines... the overall look is nice and it's functional but being all in flash is just kinda annoying in my opinion.
        I'd rather be hated for who I am, than loved for who I am not. ~ Kurt Cobain


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          Yea i'm curious about using flash for the whole site. Why not just use flash for certain elements if you need to use it. I like the overall design - a lot - but I can't help but think the flash might actually trip you up depending on who you're looking for as a client base. I also agree with Audi on the "For Sale" section - i was anticipating web templates or brochure templates - but certainly not logos. But - that's a different thread I'd bet.
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            nice layout
            harvesting great graphics in New Harvest Design



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              The "For Sale" section is very common. It's logos that I've already built for previous clients and were not chosen as the final design. For example:


              And so on, the list could go on. Also, for the flash thing I understand about not getting crawled for search engines and that is one downside. I did notice that if you google my name my site is the first one to come up, so that's good I guess

              But I will take into consideration on modifying some things so that the whole thing isn't a flash site.

              Thank you guys!


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                Originally posted by crippsdesign View Post
                The "For Sale" section is very common. It's logos that I've already built for previous clients and were not chosen as the final design.
                You will find that this forum does not take too kindly to this type of work as it's considered spec work as you have not been paid to create it.

                Also, if you did the logo up for someone else, even if they didn't choose I wonder at the ethics behind reselling those, if you charge for your creative time.
                It's a bit odd... gotta say I'm not really behind it. Feels like it cheapens the industry to me.
                I'd rather be hated for who I am, than loved for who I am not. ~ Kurt Cobain


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                  ...spec work!!!!


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                    Yea I know it's spec work because it's from design contests that I've entered. I don't see why they should go to waste, it may not fit one company but could fit another.

                    Also, I do non spec work as well. I'm not just going to have just that. They can still contact me to do their own logo the right way, I'm just saying.

                    I know people look down on spec work but it was still my work and my time and if someone wants to buy it because it fits their company then I'm going to sell it. It is all going to be sold for the same price and they will get all their rights to it because once I sell it it's theirs and I'm not going to keep selling it. It is the same as web templates, you're creating it without pay and not sure if you will get paid for it. It is all the same to me.


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                      Doesn't Getty or somebody have a pre-made logo service? Buy it and it's yours?
                      Kinda sounds like going to a store that only sells one size shoe and it's a size 3. It might fit someone, but it isn't gonna fit 99.999% of anyone else.
                      But hey, if it fits, you both win.
                      I guess.
                      (Still seems like a shot in the dark.)
                      <wanders off muttering>


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                        So is everyone telling me I can't sell my own logos? They're my logos, my work, they're still unique. It's not a collection of logos from random designers, they're mine, and I think I should be able to sell them to whoever. It's like an artist and their painting, they make a painting not knowing who's going to buy it. I honestly don't see the big deal about this. Like I said that is just for extra money, that's not what I completely do. The clients can still get with me one on one to discuss a design.

                        But anyways, I didn't make this thread to talk about how I sell my logos, I came here to discuss my website as a whole. Geez.


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                          Aesthetically, your site is very pleasing. I'm personally not fond of flash sites but you laid it out nicely, especially the navigation. Your portfolio was fun to browse as well. Good luck freelancing!


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                            Thank you gca. I am currently working on my site now to try to make it all not just flash. I'm glad you liked browsing my portfolio. So far I've done well with freelancing, I've got a lot of close clients and I'm gaining a lot of new ones, it's fun and yet challenging .


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                              I don't know about you guys but I'm not very into the serif type for the nav. It seems like it doesn't connect with the rest of page.

                              On another note...logos are extremely different that a painting. You buy a painting because you like it. A logo is suppose to represent the company. Just because you like it, doesn't mean you should buy it and use it.






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