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  • natural disaster posters

    hi all

    here are a few posters that im doing for one of my last projects at college, these designs or the ones i'll do after these will transfer to a web site and onto
    t-shirts to help raise money for the people involved in the natural disasters, well thats the concept behind it anyway.

    just wondering what your thoughts were?

    hope its thumbs up, not thumbs down
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    Sorry to say I can't read these. It took me quite a while to see Haiti even after seeing New Orleans.
    Somehow depicting the disaster rather than the helping seems rather odd. Maybe try the more compassionate side? I dunno. I guess it all depends at whom you are aiming the T-shirts.


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      thanks sorry i should have said that its a campaign to raise awareness of actual natural disasters, and the damage they do.

      i thought of doing tshirts because remember the craze that went on with the lance armstrong yellow bands? it got to the point people were buying those things and didn't even know what the whole purpose of selling them in the first place was. so yeah for a charity it would be a good way of raising money.

      yeah i still have a bit of work to do i but i just wanted to point out that the campaign was to raise awareness off these disasters and the effects

      thanks though print driver point taken
      Day man
      Fighter of the Night man
      Champion of the sun
      You’re a master of karate and friendship…for everyone
      Day man, day man
      Uhh ahhahh


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        yeah on the Lance bands. And others copied them.

        Here's an idea. If you want to pursue the line you have, aim for the younger crowd and go all out with the grunge. Kids might buy a cool shirt even if they don't immediately take in the message on the front.

        Or is that dishonest? Hmm... must ponder that a bit.


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          The concepts seem very well thought and I didn't have a problem reading any besides for the middle. The problem though is that these concepts seem to embrace disaster when it seems like it would be more appropriate and effective to take a sympathetic approach or more literal approach as to outcome of these events.

          In that regards perhaps it would be more appropriate and effective in terms of a marketing plan to some how show the adverse affects of these disasters on things your target market truly cares about? Showing the numbers and all is great, but really who cares? – its just boring statistical information to the average mind. In the end people care about themselves. So how do events of yesterday effect use today and more importantly how do they negatively impact things the target audience actually cares about?

          I think those are some questions you need to spend some time on to normalize the divide between those who were directly affected by these events and those who were not. Than you can set out to create a campaign that not only looks good but speaks to an audience in a persuasive manor, which your current solution lack.


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            I like them, but agree with tZ - perhaps use of photography would drive home the human cost more. Perhaps have a photo clipped by the text elements, or the text elements reversed out of the photo.

            I also think the middle poster does not follow the same visual treatment as the others (ie use of fine stroked elements instead of bold single colour shapes)... maybe try filling these swirly shapes in and reversing the text out?

            overall its a good campaign, effective, and could be adapted easily to other situations.


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              Paj, he talks about t-shirts. Photography could limit the process for printing on those shirts to direct to garment or the more expensive 4 color screen or to dye transfer.
              Right now he just has 2-color screen.


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                Not sure the small text top right and bottom left, plus the 'outline' second colour would transfer to a t-shirt too well?

                Probably be off after the first wash and press?

                I agree with PD too, quite difficult to grasp in the first few seconds.


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                  It also took me more than a few seconds to figure out what they said. Particularly the Haiti on.

                  The concept as a whole is okay. I just think the way the type is being displayed is currently too hard to read.
                  Also I would be very careful of your stats and be sure the numbers you have are real numbers and not inflated by media.
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                    pecchi17, I have to say first that I love the content of your signature. It's Always Sunny is a great show

                    Second, What is the word below India?


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                      'sunny" is one of the best shows i think i've ever seen, watch every episode in a matter of weeks online

                      under indian it says ocean but its flipped as if from the reflection of water

                      the tsunami effected over 10 countries so its known as the the indian ocean tsunami, although most of the coverage was focussed on thailand

                      thank you all for your comments, im still a bit away from it but i just wanted to see your thoughts at this stage. thanks again
                      Day man
                      Fighter of the Night man
                      Champion of the sun
                      You’re a master of karate and friendship…for everyone
                      Day man, day man
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