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Big Whole Logo Criticism - Part III

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  • Big Whole Logo Criticism - Part III

    Hi all,

    Here are 8 options based on 2 themes for the logo of Big Whole Creative Services.
    The feedback I had got from the previous options was that the spiral one was the suitable one of the lot. So, I took it and tried to come up with more options. The first one is the same. The second one I made it thick so that it resembles a circle a little bit so as to give the appearance of a whole. The thicker spiral looks great in colour. The third one and fourth one were developed in an oblique fashion so as to relate to the universe (which figuratively we normally draw as an oblique oval - galaxy). The universe concept goes with the name BIG WHOLE. The artisitic strokes have been given so as to emphasise the creative services part of the company.
    I got another feedback saying that the name Big whole is quite big. Therefore one approach to the logo design of the same can be done keeping the name in mind rather have an independent image for it. Hence, I developed the series B where I have incorporated the symbols in the name itself. I have used thick fonts in first 3 of them so as to emphasise the heaviness of the name Big Whole. The 4 th option in series B is a relatively light serif font with an artistic sun so as to give a very abstract feel to the whole logo.
    Kindly comment.

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    for a 'universe' type concept, I really think concept A version 4 works best. Makes me think of the space photos of the milky way.

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      In series A bottom one on the right, I like what you did with that, The spiral fits the bigwhole thing,
      I like that little swirl movement you gave to the one on the bottom right, but the one on the left of that looks a little cleaner, I stuck between the two. With a little bit of tweaking i think you have a winner between the two. I would maybe lessen the strokes a bit or just the thickness of the lines on all of the ones on top. The one in A on the bottom left has the best swirl going, and is made to the best porportions. I would play around with thoose two and pick your best off of that, I see alot of options with those.


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        using the 'hole' in 'whole' makes me think of all sorts of other types of holes. maybe not what your client wants associated with their business.







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