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  • Help me decide

    Hello all, im new to this forum and i thought id start by sharing 2 logos iv created for an exhibition center,

    Can you please help me decide which one is better ? and which type phase is more visually appealing ?, would appreciate your comments

    thanks, and excuse me if im posting in the wrong section
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    Welcome Aboard!!

    We ask all new members to read the threads posted HERE and HERE. They will give you all the info you need on how the forum runs, the rules and regulations, frequently discussed topics as well as clearing up any baffling inside jokes.
    Hello... My name is Kittie and I'm a Font-a-holic.


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      Moving to the Crit Pit also
      Hello... My name is Kittie and I'm a Font-a-holic.


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          The top one is more minimalistic. I like that type.

          But for aesthetics, the second one wins.


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            Is this signage for a building???

            Is it going to be anything other than a printed sign?
            The reason I ask is that if it is being made of metal and being affixed to the building, the first one will work far far better than the skinny funny-serif font you used on the second.
            Your second line is a little small though.
            Your third line will be impossible to cut in metal unless the whole sign is huge.

            Same comments apply for halo-lit or individual neon/LED lettering.

            If this is just a boring old printed building sign, either of them works.

            If the reason for the sweeps has nothing to do with the building design or the design space itself or the exhibit you may be advertising, if all they are doing is filling space, I'd reconsider. Sweeps/swooshes left the planet a few years ago.


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              That is a whole lot of text for a logo. If you can't cut back some of the text, I'd say go with something like the first version - unless the swooshes are some how necessary. What do they symbolize? Do they mimic the architecture of the exhibition center?

              As you have it now, the last two lines of text are much too small in comparison to "La Salle"; try shrinking it down to 1' wide, it will probably be too small to read. It was a good idea to try making the two bottom lines the same width as the top, but probably won't work with that much text.
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                I prefer the first one, with a bit of kerning adjustments.


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                  thanks for your comments,

                  actually the one on the left is my design, i personally prefer it as it is minimal and hence more up to date, however, it kind of gives at a first glance the idea of (on sale, or discounts), its supposed to be french for "The Hall"

                  the second one is a proposal i got from an advertising agency, the lines dont exactly mimic the architecture of the building, the lines of the building are more jagged and segmented, but one could see the relation. However, the second one might look better and appeal to those with no design background, and to a certain extent those are the people the logo is designed for, although the serif font is funny-looking, the overall logo with the out-dated swooshes wins aesthetically (like LiabilityZero said)

                  if it were to be cut out, made 3d letters out of, then obviously the button 2 lines wont be used, as it wont make sense cz they wont show, however they will only be used and printed on business cards/brochures/etc.


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                    revised proposal i got
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                      Sorry, it is against forum rules to critique work that is not posted by the original designer. If the designer at the advertising agency wants to join and get critiques for their own work, they are certainly welcome to.
                      Sketching not only helps you work out good ideas, it helps you get past the bad ones.


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                        You're the client.
                        Have you done a marketing study to support your claim the second design will appeal to non-designers?

                        Having installed many a building logo, the second and third line is almost always included somewhere somehow.

                        Good luck with that.


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                          Originally posted by PanToshi View Post
                          Sorry, it is against forum rules to critique work that is not posted by the original designer. If the designer at the advertising agency wants to join and get critiques for their own work, they are certainly welcome to.
                          This is the rule. Please read over the rest here.
                          Thread closed.
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