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  • KitchWitch
    Reply to Work Flow Question
    Hi Mcarriganphotos and welcome to GDF.

    How many files you have is up to you, in my opinion. If it helps you complete your project and you don't mind the clutter, why not?

    Today, 11:51 AM
  • KitchWitch
    Reply to LOGO FEEDBACK
    Hi John and welcome to GDF.

    I read Moon Fools, but at a distance it may read Moon Tools.

    We ask all new members to read very important links here and here. These explain the...
    Today, 11:47 AM
  • mcarriganphotos
    Work Flow Question
    So a little about me. I am a Soldier first and a semi-pro photographer on the side. I dabble in graphics to design a few t-shirts and in the Army what we call Commander's Coins (little atta-boy awards)....
    Today, 09:17 AM
  • Johndonaire
    Hi guys. I'm an architect and I do a little bit of graphic design. I usually do it as an extra service in my practice if ever a client needs a logo for his new business or the architectural design I'm...
    Today, 07:15 AM
  • PrintDriver
    Reply to Illustrator Pen Tool Help
    Illustrator is all about closed shapes. You don't necessarily "draw" with it using lines.
    If you think in terms of closed shapes you might have an easier time.
    The pen tool is only...
    Yesterday, 07:14 PM

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  • Dentist logo


    Im making a logo for a local dentist and have made this as a suggestion. The idea is two hands holding/making a tooth.
    "Marisol" is the name of the company and "tannklinikken" means dentist.
    The fonts is "champagne and limousines" and the logo is suppose to have a blueish colour as a finish

    Making logos and typography is not my strong suit so I need some input from you guys

    In advance thanks alot.

    Last edited by ThomasS; 05-29-2012, 06:01 PM.

  • #2
    I like the concept as a whole, but the fingers are quite awkward. They also don't quite mirror each other — the white lines between aren't aligned at the bottom.
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    • #3
      I think it's too complicated. Imagine driving by and seeing it on a sign. Are you going to get that it's two hands holding a tooth?


      • #4
        I don't think it's too complex, but work on the art for one hand then mirror it for the other. You want to thicken up the lines between the fingers and maybe be a little more creative on how they end (ie not square.)

        It kinda sorta made me think it takes two hands to yank out a tooth.


        • #5
          Thanks for the advice guys. I see now that the lines dont align. They are suppose to so must have been a misplaced layer in illustrator that i didnt notice.

          I agree with the fingers. They are a bit awkward and i havent found a good solution to it yet. I will keep trying


          • #6
            It would take two hands to yank out that tooth! It's huge!

            I like the concept but am having a hard time moving past the huge tooth. If you go with it, then I'd at least say the lines on the hand need to be thicker.
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            • #7
              I'd also make the base of the hands wider, otherwise it looks like they're growing out of a teeny tiny wrist or you're using some sort of bizarre forced perspective. I understand that the scale of the thumb is smaller since it's being forced to create the negative space of the tooth, but the rest of the hand looks so much larger.
              Burn the land and boil the sea, you can't take the sky from me.



              • #8
                I think the design of the mark portion of the logo is very good. The open areas (the white lines) in the hands are the only things I would recommend changing slightly. They should be a little wider for the sake of reduction. To some extent, I wonder why you chose to use hands as an important part of the design. However, they can be rationalized as "personal care" or "professional care".

                The type needs some more thought. I would suggest that you take another crack at that.
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                • #9
                  Originally posted by ThomasS View Post
                  Thanks for the advice guys. I see now that the lines dont align. They are suppose to so must have been a misplaced layer in illustrator that i didnt notice.
                  The white lines should not be a layer that gets misplaced.
                  The strokes should be converted to paths and the path shapes subtracted from the hand form. When you put it on a background other than white, you shouldn't see any white.


                  • #10
                    I see what your trying to do with the tooth and hands, but quite honestly when I first looked at it, I immediately saw two hands and a set of lungs :/.


                    • #11
                      I agree that the tooth seems a little big. Also, the hands kinda have the shape of squeezing uhm melons or something else unsavory.

                      I'd say try to make the tooth smaller, if you go with that. Although, no offense, but if my dentist had a logo that brought to mind pulling teeth with her bare hands, I might not go to her anymore...

                      I'm also not a big fan of the font you chose. Or, at least not a fan of how you have Title case for tannklinikken but all caps for marisol. I'd say use the same for both or make them more obviously different - maybe bold one or the other or choose a different font for one.
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                      • #12
                        A lot of constructive critique. I will take it all into consideration and post an update soon

                        Printdriver: Yes your right! I just learned this earlier today actually. Thanks


                        • #13
                          on the type... the name is kind of hard so I would do whatever you can to make it more legible. Could tighten up the leading, pick a typeface with a bit more contrast as far as shapes or strokes...


                          • #14
                            Hi again

                            I did some changes to the logo now. I think its stronger graphically and more delicate. Not so much "ripping out the tooth" as the last one
                            But im interested in hearing what you guys think.

                            Last edited by ThomasS; 05-29-2012, 06:01 PM.


                            • #15
                              I wonder if you could put more space between the thumbs to try to create more an image of the root of a tooth (if the root come out the center like that). Maybe that will look like the tooth isn't being removed.


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