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  • kemingMatters
    Reply to Constructive Criticism?
    Hello Daniel, welcome to GDF

    We ask all new members to read
    very important links here and here. These explain the rules, how the forum runs and a few inside jokes. No, you haven't done anything...
    Today, 09:14 PM
  • DyZeGFX
    Constructive Criticism?
    While I've only been designing for 2 months, mainly on YouTube and the comedy app IFunny, I'd like to get opinions from the professionals

    I've perused the site and have only found very...
    Today, 09:06 PM
  • eborja
    Reply to Logo for my new software development business
    Hi Buda, thank you for the links and comments.

    I am a software developer, but decided to try my hand at designing my first logo, hopefully in the future I can afford to get it professionally...
    Today, 08:26 PM
  • Buda
    Comment on What do you want to know?
    Rabbits don't cough up fur balls and they also do not vomit. They do however do poops that a strung together. They gotta get rid of that fur somehow right?
    Today, 08:21 PM
  • Buda
    Reply to Happy Turkey Day!!
    Happy stretchy pants day!
    Today, 08:17 PM
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  • #16
    is this better?


    • #17
      I'm pretty sure that's exactly the same thing minus the circle border and a slightly different font, but adding in a superfluous drop shadow. You're kind of ignoring the large quantity of advice given.


      • #18
        My professor is so incredibly vague about so much; criticizing without justification and not giving guidance. Would you believe. we have never even had a lab class. All our class time is lecture and all our work is done at home "on the computer". I wish I knew about sketching and the entire preliminary process.

        @sketcher. sounds like you had a priceless professor.

        "Everything is easy, ONCE you know how!"


        • #19
          @VDM: I am not ignoring any any information. I came here to learn.

          please keep in mind the time sequence: the advice given was not read until I just now returned posting the revision.
          Please give me the benefit of doubt and I promise I won't disappoint you.


          • #20


            • #21
              95% of the work involved in creating a logo is research, notes and preliminary concept sketches.

              Get away from the computer and quickly try to capture "unforgettable" in as many ways as possible. Ask yourself what its unforgettable? Is it a tattoo? Is it branded flesh? Is it a photograph? How do we make things unforgettable? Etc
              Design is not decoration.


              • #22
                #5 {I have not read any of the posts yet, so please don't think anyone's advice is being ignored. -after posting I will read the other comments then work on the advice given. Again, thanks for your help and positive encouraging comments


                • #23
                  @KemingMatters. I wish I had the time to start all over but, pls understand, that is not realistic. there is no time this week
                  I am taking other classes: a video editing final project due on Wed. {2 days} on top of this assignment. However, I appreciate your advice and will follow it AFTER these finals when I can give them my full attention. thank you for understanding.


                  • #24
                    For now, I'm just doing the best I can with what I have


                    • #25
                      I understand you have no time to make huge revisions on this, believe me im in that boat all the time. I go to college for this too so i know what its like.

                      My advice is to get this thing to the point where your professor is happy with it, as he/she is the one giving you the grade. then keeping this close, go back and apply the proper changes given to you in the advice on here.


                      • #26
                        No time, lol, just wait until you are not in school. Turn around time can be a few hours on some jobs, sure you get to crank up the price for deadlines that tight, but they do exist.

                        The question is, how badly do you want this?
                        Design is not decoration.


                        • #27
                          Hopefully, by then, I'll know more then I do now!

                          @inifinity: thank you for your wisdom and keeping what's important in proper perspective. Greatly appreciated.
                          The idea here is beautiful colorful ideas are flying out of my head so I'm not sure how else to portray that.,
                          at the risk of sounding like a dunce I wish I understood the advice & how to achieve the proper changes better.

                          It's me!
                          Last edited by bellalupo; 05-01-2012, 01:56 AM.


                          • #28
                            #6 The idea is an Explosion of colorful ideas coming from my head
                            but I'm not sure out to outline the face and still keep the "O" clear.
                            Any suggestions?


                            • #29
                              In all honesty, I think your school, or more your class, is kind of screwing you over having you do a logo design for a final in a design fundamentals class. a class like that should be just that, FUNDAMENTALS. you should be learning the basics of design. if I remember correctly, my final for my fundamentals class was a capstone project. we had to take a previously made picture, and incorporate it into some picture, and it was all done by drawing it. pencils pens. I didn start using software till i started getting into the classes geared to learning the software itself. and even then we were doing silly little projects to get us used to the tools within the apps.

                              basically i said all that to say this, you putting this logo up here and not understanding fully what were talking about, and not being able to fully correct the mistakes are understandable, as (with all do respect) you have no sense of the basics of a logo. or even design for that matter (i cant say fully as i dont know you or how far in college you are).


                              • #30
                                what if you put the face in the "o" then using the pathfinder, select the button that deletes the front (making sure the face is over the "o") itll remove the face, and leave the faces impression inside the "o" allowing us to see the outer edges of the "o" but also giving the illusion of the face.


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