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  • Film Festival Logo Idea

    I have been working on this logo idea for a couple weeks now and I feel as though I am still missing some things to add to it. I want to show that Youngstown is a great city and used to have steel mills, but add that friendliness to it to attract people. I also want to show that film is still alive here and people are shooting film all the time. If anyone has any suggestions or critiques please let me know! Thanks!

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    IMO it feels rather busy. i first look over at the 'smoke stacks" or whatever those are, and then at the name of the festival. Which leads me to the title that is in a rather boring font :/and is the circle around "1st annual" there for a reason?

    In all honesty when looking at this i get the feeling that films are shot there, but other than that it possible lacks excitement as a city. just using the browns and all the black and white is bringing the piece down.

    I would suggest adding more color to the whole piece. or bringing more of the filming parts out.

    the film looks pretty decent though.


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      You want to add more to it? This isn't so much a logo as it is a hodgepodge of clipart.


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        wait....a logo? i was getting the feeling it was a flyer or poster of some sort


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          Far too much going on for this to be a logo. If this indeed is supposed to be a logo, I'd eliminate the skyline and concentrate on the idea of the smokestack with the film. Where did those images come from? For a logo, it must be entirely original. You cannot use stock images or illustrations for a logo.
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            Needs development.

            I would try something other than black for the buildings and text--even the film doesn't need to be black.

            The text really seems squeezed into that space.
            If you change color and contrast of elements you won't be constricted in squeezing text into empty space.

            You might try layering the building silhouettes. Have the distant ones lighter gray and work forward. (almost to create an atmospheric perspective).

            This way the text can go over some of the buildings/and or behind others.

            What you did with "1st Annual" isn't even creative--looks like an editor circled it for deletion!

            I often wonder if "1st Annual" is ever really needed. From an event goer's perspective, I really don't care about how many they have done unless it is a real landmark (25-50-100), and "1st annual' is more of an empty promise than anything.
            I know the client insists on it--been there myself.
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              This a logo?

              I thought it was a poster design.

              Anyway--for a logo you really need to boil this down to crucial elements.
              Keep Saturn in Saturnalia.


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                From everyone's comments I now realize this is more of a poster than a logo. I am now in the process of taking the crucial elements ands just using those instead of the cityscape and some other stuff. I will post in a few of a better design than this. I really appreciate everyones comments!


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                  are you trying to make fun of me? lol

                  I mean considering the elements. i have never really seen "1st annual" in a logo before. not too mention, as said before, its entirely too busy to be a logo.

                  i agree with seamas, boil that thing down. A LOT.


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                    Ok I think I might have it boiled down enough and I changed the color of the background, but what do you guys think now?


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                      Still not really a logo...

                      That white box isn't really doing anything for you. Even if you changed the type to Dark Blue and kill the box it would be an improvement.

                      You need to try and incorporate the text along with the chimney stacks and not have the elements separated like you have here.
                      Less marketing douchebaggery, MORE TANKS!


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                        1. This isn't a logo.
                        2. How is it going to print in black and white?
                        3. How many sketches did you do? Can we see some of the other ideas?


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                          These are some others that I tried out, but never really seemed to work...


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                            These aren't really other concepts, they're just dilly dallying around on the computer. If you're serious about design I'd do some studying and educate yourself first before going back to the drawing board... and you always (especially with logo design) start with the sketchpad.


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                              Did you sketch these or just click and drag?

                              Although I'm betting I already know the answer...






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