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    I did not think of that! I feel kinda dumb...


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      Originally posted by RKS View Post
      I did not think of that! I feel kinda dumb...
      Don't feel dumb, feel empowered. You learned something!
      "I want to make beautiful things, even if nobody cares."--Saul Bass


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        Maybe perhaps if you added a light-effect so the image of the pencil could be seen easier? Maybe a small triangle of white on the lead piece, or lines to give the wooden part dimension. Good concept though =]


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          While I'm coming across as blunt in regards to my critiques, as per every critique I post, so long as you gain some insight from it, so much the better.

          Not trying to be a Debbie Downer here, but this has been done before. Do a Google search for "smart art", and you'll see similar images, both typographically and design-wise.

          iambunny hit the point I was going to make in regards to the positive/negative space and replication via a b/w source such as a copier or fax. You also need to factor in color separation as well. While the colors scheme you have used is complimentary and will not have a drastic effect on your current design, if a printer botches a future job with similar colors/hues/tints and still charges you for it, you might still be able to utilize the project, rather than being out of the resources (either monetary resource or tangible product) completely.

          From a typographical standpoint, I feel the block serifs mixed with the angled serifs contrasts in such a way that it detracts from the unity of the overall text and is at odds with itself, especially with the tight kerning on the horizontal bars along the baseline. That, and the overlay seems to push that even further by creating a "rounded" serif of the "T".

          While I do like the inclusion of the pencil element, I feel that you could add a little more embellishment, such as knocking out part of the black graphite part to add a "highlight", and adding dimension within the element to make it less flat (which, now looking back to the comment of the type, could work in your favor). Perhaps making the x-height of the "A" curved as though it (the pencil) were sharpened unevenly?

          That is all that comes to mind right now. I hope that helps you.

          ~People like me are the reason people like you take medication~


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            I am not seeing anything like this on google images. I am seeing MS Word smartart.


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              Sorry, try searching "Smart art logo" instead of "smart art" (the latter gives me a bunch of flowcharts and PowerPoint captures). The pencil element is rarer than the typographic word integration, but there are still some examples out there.
              ~People like me are the reason people like you take medication~


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                This is your own personal logo? Really? This sounds like a company name, not an individual graphic designers logo.

                Did you not try to incorporate your own name into it? Unless your second name is "Smart" it's a bit concept lacking. It's like someone calling themselves "Graphiks" or something else that has been done thousands of times before.

                The "pencil" isn't noticeable until someone points it out to you, and even at that it's a bit too close to the letterform. In the upper triangular section of the "A", create a curved line that's attached to each of the angular sides of the "A" to indicate the lead.

                Try to be original, you'll just get washed in with every other unsuccessful name out there.


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                  As a business name it just seems fundamentally wrong - you're not selling art. It doesn't even say SmArt Design. I get the feeling you got all jazzed about the 'clever' name without wondering if it was appropriate. It certainly wouldn't inspire me as a potential client.


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                    Why jump to the conclusion Smart Art isn't Graphic Design? As opposed to just plain art which is subjective. I'm sure the OP wasn't trying to be that clever but it occurred to me after a bit.
                    Why not a word? Why a name? Why does it have to say Design? Why can't it sound like a company name or a studio even if it is self branding?

                    Here's a list of LinkedIn Designer 'company names' in just the Boston area.
                    The ones that don't include Design, Media, Creative, Studio all sort of stand out, don't they...


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                      Why not say say Smart Plumbing then?


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                        I personally see the reference to art for a design logo strange because i see these as very different forms of media, and as Roth said i think it will confuse your potential clients.

                        On a side note, the pencil idea is a very basic and over used element, and i suggest exploring alternatives.

                        Edit: In addition to what Print was saying, i think this concept is in the grey area between abstract and obvious, causing mixed meaning.
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