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    Ok, so I'm making this logo for a kids shoe boutique. Right now I'm using stock photo of a spider and shoes which I put together. I plan on drawing this spider with shoes myself, but BEFORE I do so I am looking for some feedback. What do you think of the idea, colors, layout, font, etc? Is it too many colors? Is the name of the store easy to read or are the dashes confusing? Thanks for any advice!


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    The ideas is nice.

    There are a few technical problems. The old B&W chestnut - will it strip back? All of the finer details on the shoes would have to go, and so on.

    I also have qualms about mocking up a logo from stock - will you be purchasing it, then tracing, or doing your own spider? I can't imagine the client wanting some stock image even if it is altered and usually there's some sort of stipulation on what you can and can't so with these things on purchase.

    I'm not a fan of handwritten type that's just a font. The repetition sucks out the life that they're supposed to be expressing. I'd make them all slightly different.


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      Thank you for the feedback!

      The old B&W chestnut - will it strip back? -- not sure what you mean by that?

      As far as the spider and shoes, I plan on drawing my own from scratch in illustrator. You think it should be more simple, less details on the spider and shoes...and that will look better? Is that what you were saying? I didn't think of that, but sounds smart to me I will draw it more simple.

      As far as the fonts, I was thinking o do more than one font... you don't think it will be too much going on?

      What about too many colors, or is it ok?


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        I drew this spider, it's more simple...and made 3 different fonts. I still need shoes that will add some color. comments?


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            You haven't drawn a spider from scratch, you've traced the exact same spider with only two colors. You can't just change a few things and call it yours. As Roth pointed out, there are some things you aren't allowed to do with stock illustrations and using them for logos is usually one of them. I'd check the license on that bit of stock even if you did purchase it.

            Also what Roth meant on the font was that handwritten fonts have characters that look the same. He meant for you to make the o's unique, not change to three different fonts.

            Do you have any training in design theory? These are all basic observations a designer should know before taking on clients.
            You have a 5spot color logo there. 6 including the black dots of the eyes.


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              Yeah, I probably should have been clearer on the type. I meant just outline the type and change the Os slightly so they're not all the same.


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                How do you think I should fix the colors though? Make the shoes only one color? will be so boring no?


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                  Originally posted by Bag of Design View Post
                  How do you think I should fix the colors though? Make the shoes only one color? will be so boring no?
                  Not important at this point in the game.

                  You should be concentrating 100% on getting the logo right FIRST.

                  Then worry about color.

                  For storefront signage, more color might indeed be exactly what you want.
                  But don't get ahead of yourself.
                  Keep Saturn in Saturnalia.


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                    Originally posted by Bag of Design View Post
                    How do you think I should fix the colors though?
                    I think you have bigger issues to tackle with regard to copyright and usage legalities, having derived your icon design from a stock image. "Changing a certain percentage" of the original image will not exempt you from copyright infringement.
                    Sketching not only helps you work out good ideas, it helps you get past the bad ones.


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                      If it will be internally illuminated storefront signage
                      you will need a minimum of 1" letter stroke and spider legs
                      so the neon does not arc out.


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                        Neon??? Who still uses neon? You can get low voltage high output LED into just about anything — except some of those skinnyassed sans serif fonts designers are so fond of these days.
                        But, the trick is to get it far enough away from the face to avoid hot spots.
                        Actually we still use neon, but not to illuminate sign letters any more. More for accent work and true neon signage. And even the accent work is running into the tubular LED material that lights evenly. It's unfortunate that LED has become the wave of the future. Neon can be a true artform.


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                          Final Version

                          Feedback welcome...this is my final version so far.


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                            Originally posted by PrintDriver View Post
                            You can get low voltage high output LED into just about anything...
                            OK, how about getting a spot welder in there?


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                              good idea






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