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  • website jpg - preview

    this site is for a credit union - very formal layout - very basic - see any problems? the image in the middle will be a bit of flash that gets changed out once a month - just relaunched portfolio - freelance site

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    it might have a thin border with a background I dont know yet - just relaunched portfolio - freelance site


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      really really nice, much better than the site for the credit union I belong to, I'll tell ya that! Nice job.
      You can fool some of the people all the time, and those are the ones you want to concentrate on. --GWB


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        Now this I do have some experience in!

        Anyway, not a big fan of the horizontalled lines at the top going through 'about Us' 'Contact Us' and 'locations' Makes it harder to read. Try gradient filling it to a solid color blue when you get to those words. May or may not work.

        And since saying bad things is easier than good, a little overkill with the Times New Roman type font with all caps. At Branches and Service Centers, try mixing it up there. The bold font doesn't feel like enough separation from the title to the links.

        That's all, like the other stuff. The wide open area below the picture is very useful and will probably be changed to fit in little boxes of different services. See if you can make a mock up of that with boxes for each major area of banking like loans, accounts, business accounts, etc...

        But compared to their current website. A+ job! They really need this. Nothing says don't trust your money with us like a bad website.


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          Looks good, but on the right, in the header you have a misspelled word.....should be 'service'.

          Good work!

          Where do y'all get that Latin anyways? [img]/DesktopModules/dotNetBB/emoticons/biggrin.gif[/img]






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            Reply to What do you think of my website?
            Thank you very much!
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            Reply to What do you think of my website?
            The website is simple, but nice. I'm also amazed by Anna Savina. She's so young, yet so talented.

            I agree with Risen28 that the large images could be compressed more to make them load faster...
            Today, 01:11 AM
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            Reply to What do you think of my website?
            Hello Risen Thank you very much for your help! Could you give me some example for it? I'm not sure I understand how it looks.

            4) IF you are going to have so many videos on your site ,...
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            This is just off the top of my head — I haven't tried it, but...

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