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  • My First Concept Showcase

    People looking for a property to buy, possibly 2nd home. Fairly wealthy, age 30/35 - 70.

    open fields, rolling hills, livestock, dry stone walls, general country scenes. Quaint, rustic and rural but chic and expensive.

    That was the brief ... no navigation, menu, philosophy, logo, content, nor any other material except a CD of property photos. They also wanted a contemporary feel, corporate in strength, but homely. For an hours work, I'm happy with it.

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    You can fool some of the people all the time, and those are the ones you want to concentrate on. --GWB


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      Thanks EC. I was more thinking of the 35 - 70 users above everything from the brief ... this layout would be so easy to implement as a liquid site, and being so uncluttered, even my dear gran could use it without having ever used a computer in her life.


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        very nice, i like the clean structure of it, makes it easy to navigate. good job
        the only thing i don't mind is the font of that 'welcome: are you looking for...', maybe make it the same as the logo font (or maybe not the logo font?)


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          I agree about the font. Truth be told, I couldn't justify searching through too many fonts ... wanted to keep the schedule to an hour, and that included content research. In fact, all the anti-aliased fonts look blotchy ... but I forgive myself on the count that the design will invetiably require changing to compliment the actual content, when it arrives.


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            Looking Good...

            I donít believe there is too much wrong with the typeface you are using... there are nicer fonts out there than 'Arial' though. I think what is more nagging about the type is the black you have chosen to use on 'Welcome,' it seems much too strong for the rest of the design, almost out of place. Play with it a bit, possibly a dark grey or the dark green you have got going, something which will calm it down a bit.
            Now Iím on the type issue, Iím not really sure about the typeface on 'featured property.' It would look much better in a san-serif, on the basis of matching the whole design layout. It seems like it is on its own too, aligning it with the other type will give it a better flow.

            Iím not really a fan of the grey sides... it looks like an image link is broken or something. Is there a point to them?
            Oh well, these are only my personal feelings, but I hope they are of some help...







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