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    Hey all of your beautiful people. I just wrapped up the intial work on a redesigned site for one of my band's and I wanted to get your feedback on the design/vibe. All content will load into an iframe where the screen is. Just FYI. (current site) (revamped)

    Thanks for your feedback!


    Once again, thanks to everyone for their comments. It definitely got me thinking and this is what I came up with. Secondary content linked with the t.v. iframe will be loaded into the picture frame iframe. In addition, the logo of my band will be lightly watermarked on the t.v. screen. Let me know what you think. Thanks!
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    funkay. I love it! It's far improved and very fun.
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      I don't know about the Tv

      The Tv just seems a little over done by other people. And my friends partents owns that exact T.V. and it's very ugly. Also if your going to be putting content on the tube, your not going to fit very much, or it's going to be to small to even read.

      I also don't really like the photoshop bevel effects on the nav, as well as the beveled buttons. That is a very old school trick and it makes the site look old school.

      IMO I would start over. Your a band, make the site represent your music or something. Bring a some soul out. Right now as it stands it's not very inviting to me. Check out some other band sites and see what they do, maybe that will give you an idea. Sorry if this is so harsh but it's the truth, and if you want to grow you got to hear it.
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        correction, it's YOUR truth. Without knowing more about the band and the band's following, how can you assume that this design does NOT represent their music? You also assume that the designer hasn't considered the constraints of the size of the content area ... but maybe he has?! Maybe he plans on using an i-frame? Maybe it will be a flash movie? Why would you assume that he'll use unreadable type?

        Sorry to be harsh, but if you're going to give feedback like "it's ugly" and "I don't really like" needs to be supported with evidence that his audience will respond the same way.

        This is a funky retro look to me, something that might be appropriate for a band like Weezer for instance. Who are, "old school" and sort of nerdy -- but make that vibe very very hip, trendy & cool.
        You can fool some of the people all the time, and those are the ones you want to concentrate on. --GWB


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          I thought I did back up my argument. I feel that the TV deal is way over used. Yes your right I shouldn't assume what their band is all about with out talking more with them, but I did check out there old site as well. I feel that tv is very ugly though IMO. I just think it looks tacky to have a flat 2d tv with a beveled remote controller with beveled buttons. I explained that photoshop plug-ins are way overused and don't really look that cool anymore. Sorry personal opinion as well.

          EC the problem is that telling them "funky much better then your first" isn't really a critique either. I thought that is what this website is for, to get better. I personally don't think it's very good sorry. I explained my reasons and that is that. If you don't like what I said, then don't take my advice. But don't personally attack me because I have expressed my opinions. When you critique my stuff I would never attack back at someones opinion unless I knew that I was right. But usually I'm not right so I take what you guys say and use it. That's how you grow my friend. So I'm sorry that I offend this person but it's not personal.
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            bobby! ec! both of you - separate corners!

            haha. i always wanted to do that.

            kids, if g-man was offended by bobby's comments, then g-man can rebut.

            if you want to start a slinging match, then start your own thread and let g-man continue to get critiques (both good and bad) in this one.



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              Hey GMan - I really like the feel of the new site. Love the colors and the idea of using the remote for navigation. Very clever and a fun concept!

              Is that tv a photo? It looks like a real nice 3-d render. Nice work. I like it a lot.
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                I think it's definetly much improved. Good vibe, it's that tv everyone (or everyone's uncle/aunt had). (-:

                A couple of suggestions: centre the screen -- way in the corner like that is like craning your neck to see the tv, annoying.

                The whole thing is retro, but I'm not sure if the font for the remote buttons matches the theme. It seems modern in comparison. Also, and this might just be personal, but having three different sizes of fonts on the remote seems a) not really like a remote, and b) it has this wierd shrinking effect as you look down the list. Anyway, personally, I almost never like different sizes on nav buttons; it just looks inconsistent.

                That's all from me. I look foreward to seeing it when it's all finished. (-:

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                  Everyone, thanks for the comments. Couple of things to address I suppose...

                  Bobbysky: As far as the bevel effect, yes it has been done before (possibly to death a few years back), but as a designer I feel I have to master the old ways before I start blazing some new trails. I see your point though and it definitely is something to think about.

                  EC: Thanks for getting my back And yes, we're definitely going for an old school feel with this version (hence the "os" in the URL)

                  Mariana: The nav fonts are definitely just a place holder until I find the perfect font. Still testing and browsing around but thank you for input.

                  Morea: That tv is part photo, part photoshop, I call it "Frankenvision".

                  I also thought about content management and am considering mocking up some buttons to go on the right panel of the tv rather than a remote and then creating a sweet a$$ velvet painting which will be hanging from the wall. Additional content linked from within the iframe of the t.v. will load there.

                  Thanks again for your thoughts on this. I'll post up when the next version is up and functional!

                  P.S. - As far as the vibe of my band, add two parts Guster, two parts James Brown, and one part Ben Harper.
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                    this thread is useless without an audio link...


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                      Sho 'nuff

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