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One last new project.

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  • One last new project.

    Before I start finishing the others I'd like to get an early opinion or 2... or 3...or any, please. My color choice is wrong again. I'll have to check my selection.
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    I quite like the colour tbh!?!

    The highlight on the arm/shoulder suggests that the light is coming from top front though, which puts the shadow in the wrong place. It also might look better if the woman was at a slight angle, to give it a more three dimensional look... At the moment it kinda looks like she has no left leg!?!

    I'm absolutely useless at text, so i won't try to help there lol! I really like the logo though!


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      I too like the color. it's a subtle choice for a very harsh subject.

      I agree also on the figure.
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        the imagery is a little opressive to me. the woman could be crying, it's hard to tell whether or not she's pregnant, and her posture is isolated/isolating.

        i would try to keep it simpler - much like your abstracted silohuette, but without the repetitions.

        post again! post again!


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          She is supposed to be and feel isolated, alone. That is a problem with a teenage pregnancy. I know it's hard to tell if she's pregnant so I'll think about that one. I will post again. Thank you for your suggestions, as usual your all great.


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            OK, What do you think?

            I still like the other one so I thought I'd clear up the pregnancy issue with another figure. Hope that helps????
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              The logo is looking a bit hemmed in now, i think the first one had a better balance to it (for me anyway).


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                How's this?

                This opens it up alot more.
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                  That looks much better, maybe you could pull them out from the corner a little. You might want to try dropping the opacity on that shadow a little too, just to see how it looks...


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                    I think this is going to work. What do you think???
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                    Last edited by 9iron; 04-21-2005, 05:52 PM.


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                      Overall i find your first design more so sucessfull then all your more recent approaches.

                      Your design has lost a sense of unity and balance from the first. This is due to your over use of the figure in conjunction with your simple layout.

                      The bottom is very HEAVY compared to the rest of the composition contributing to the designs lack of balance and unity mentioned above.

                      Furthermore, the human eye will relate to the human figure before anything else in the composition. There for, via "over whelming" your design with (2) figures vs. one drastically contributs to the aftermentioned design dilema's.

                      This also takes away from the presence of the actual logo design. Which i assume should be a major point of emphasis in the composition.

                      The color I find very successfull for the genre and audience it is addressing.

                      The color has a very successfull "soothing" feel to it.

                      In addition, the color reflects a medical facilty very well.

                      However, i might think about adding some purple or somthing in the design. As it is very successfull with a medical feel to it the design reminds me more so of a pharmacy type facility then anything.

                      Which does work for this piece but just something to consider / expand upon for a more successfull outcome.

                      In the end, you have approached this design very well through concept. However, finding a way to convey a sense of pregnany and lonliness through conceptual imagry is something which needs to be re-addressed without the inclusion of more then one figure. As the design feels a bit overwhelming with the human figure as of late.

                      You need to put both the first and last figure illustrations in the shaker and get something inbetween for the illustration. This would make for a much more balanced and sucessfull design.

                      hope that helps
                      Last edited by tZ; 04-21-2005, 08:16 PM.


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                        All points well taken tZ. Thank you for your constructive words.


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                          I think what you need is an obviously pregnant woman in the original pose, or something similar. The first version is still so much more powerful than the latest (which does look better than the one before btw!).


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                            Originally posted by 9iron
                            She is supposed to be and feel isolated, alone. That is a problem with a teenage pregnancy. I know it's hard to tell if she's pregnant so I'll think about that one. I will post again. Thank you for your suggestions, as usual your all great.
                            I'm gonna be honest with ya ... as a woman, the emotional response I get from these images is very depressing and sad. A pregnancy can be joyous, or it can be tragic.

                            If it's the latter, I don't think being literal is the way to go. Being sensitive to the difficult emotions involved, I think conveying a sense of strength, hope, and gentle optimism would be more appropriate.

                            Or, I think as has been suggested, tone down the emotion all together.
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                              I really like all the comments and suggestions

                              I really like all the comments and suggestions so I have decided to present the following for their consideration. I'll let you know what the reaction is. Thanks again for the help.
                              PS EC, Your concern as a woman is greatly appreciated. I've added the words to help clarify my reasons for the presentation. I hope that clarifies what they're about.
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