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    Hello all,

    I'm designing an outdoor banner for a local organisation -- OPRIG, the Ontario Public Interest Research Group at the University of Ottawa.

    The 3x6 banner is supposed to communicate the organic and creative nature of the organisation, while focusing on the main issues of the environment, social justice and health (and peace, though it's not in the main mandate of the organisation).

    This is what I'm working with right now, and any comments/suggestions would be much appreciated. I'm a bit worried that the text for 'health' might not be legible from a distance.

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    By your font selection, I don't see readability as a primary exchange so much as the image itself. That acts as a reason to look closer and see the details. Then you read what that strong image is about. I would bring it into the image more by moving it up and to the right.

    I would work at the shapes that make up the main image. Smooth out the top left of the 'P' so it's round not a lump. Restructure the I, R & G into more of a sixty's-ish flowing style - have them nest together better and create more interesting, relative white spaces between the green shapes. Perhaps outlining some elements.

    Look around at 1880-1900 Art Nouveau work.

    Basically, I like the idea but the hand lettering needs work.

    Hope I was constructive.

    --Ciao for Niao--
    --Ciao for Niao--


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      What I like about this design is it is very easily executed in cut vinyl on a vinyl banner. Kudos to you if that was your intent (and even if it wasn't). Be careful of any "outlining" if this is being done in cut vinyl... Skinny stroke widths at large sizes can be a pain for the fabricator to sort out and apply, especially on a non-solid substrate. If this is being printed, have at it.

      And I acually like the "non-structured" look of it. Definitely a 60's thing goin' there. Except for maybe the white space between P and I.


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        Legibility shouldn't be an issue if this banner is placed at a park where the audience is travelling across by foot.

        Try using dark green for the three corporate values.
        I suggest 'linking' the values to the logo by replacing the dash with leaves or a certain part of the logo/tree. Be careful not to mix them up though.
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          I'm going to try reworking the design of the letters a bit, and maybe fitting the wording into the overall design a bit better. The reason for the odd shapes, and the space between the p and the i is that I was trying to make the letters 'tree' like -- a little more lumpy than completely smooth. But I'll see if overall I can't make the dGesign more cohesive.

          @PrintDriver -- this is the first cut vinyl design I've made, and (being uncertain of the limits of the format), I tried to make it as clean cut as I could while still having an interesting design. Glad it seems to have worked. (-:



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            The colors available in vinyl are pretty close to the ones you have picked so good work on that,( if you tried that or not) Readability shouldnt be an issue those letter are atleast 3 inches tall? I am assuming by porportion.


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              looks good to me. did you come up with the logo design? I like the green, it really pops.
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                @defjoe: yup, the logo is my very own design. (-: And since I haven't had too many published designs, and I live right by where the banner will be hung. I'm excited.

                I'm also glad it's all going to work out on vinyl (@Envision: thanks for telling me about the available colours -- I was guessing what colours would 'probably' be available. *whew*)



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                  Color availability in vinyl depends on the sign vendor. We buy vinyl from at least 5 different sources and if you stick to 'brights' and will accept 'close' you shouldn't have any trouble.

                  It's only these new "Designer" pms colors in their olives and drabs and pukey rosy purples that are giving us trouble. Then we have to print to adhesive vinyl before cutting and it starts getting expensive. And some colors are just out of gamut.

                  If you (or anyone else reading this) plans to do a lot of vinyl work, make an arrangement with your sign vendor to get you a set of swatch charts. Or visit them and select colors before designing. Saves a lot of grief.


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                    I have a pallettes for Illustrator of CalPlus (Intermediate) and Calon HP (High Performance) Vinyls created as CMYK closest matches to PMS colors. Also have for Gerber 220, 225, Q2000, Q4000, and EDGE Spot foils.

                    Drop them in your Illustrator/Swatch libraries forlder and you can access them just like any other pallette.

                    Let me know if you'd like them. I'll compress them and send them. You can PM me with you e-address if you don't want it that public.
                    --Ciao for Niao--






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