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  • My website

    It aint finished yet but I will be updating it around these days. Hope you like it and any suggetions are welcome.

    :daniel jacoby

  • #2
    Welcome to the forum Jacoby

    I like what you have done so far with your site. I think it has a lot of potential.

    No vowels though?
    Hows the weather down in Peru?


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      Up your FPS to 18-22 to get some smoother looking transitions (you'll probably have to lengthen some of your animations too).

      You text for your buttons is really small and its hard to realize instantly what you're choosing when you rollover plus the fact that every button changes with every rollover, that sort of confuses me as well.

      Otherwise throw in some vowels. If anything treat the vowels like you have in your name logo thing for consistency.

      My thoughts


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        i thought it was fine, as will anyone who has used the internet before. if you want people who are new to websites/computers to have a pleasant experience, then make things clearer.

        i enjoyed some of your work, jacob.


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          Mystery meat

          I too like a lot of the work you had to display Jacob. I am not a fan of "mystery meat" navigation but it does lend itself to a more exploratory experience. Walking the line of form vs. function is always such a pain. The missing vowels don't bother me as much as the navigation but overall I think it looks good.
          "I will probably build her a cake or something."

          Define Yourself.


          • #6
            Thanks all of you for the suggestions. I change a couple of things recently (just before i read your replies ). I throwed the vowels back in and made the same thing as I made with the "danieljacoby" title for consistency as John G said, but maybe it's too small still. I added a news board to fill the white space at the beginning. And the guest book should be working by now, but I don't know why it doesn't seem to work sometimes. If you have the patience try posting for a second or third time (until a popup window appears) then let me know how you would improve the guest book.

            PS: The weather in Peru is disgusting by the time, Neballer. One day is sunny and the next one you're freezing like I am at the moment.
            :daniel jacoby


            • #7
              Can't say I'm a fan of constantly pushing the back button in the bottom right corner to get to the links again...I think you could easily keep the link buttons in view on every page, no problem. I do like what you've done outside of that, however.

              I didn't get to see the whole vowels missing thing. Can't comment.


              • #8
                I think that you need to add some sort of instructions for your navigation or add the name of the page over your image. You will lose visitors if they don't understand how your navigation works.

                What are you going to do with the white space to the left on the homepage? Will you be adding a slideshow of some of your images or something?

                I think you should have your navigation repeated on the other pages as well. This will also help your visitor move through the site more easily.

                Your navigation fonts are getting cut off at the top.

                Overall I think that it is a good start and with some tweaks it could be really good.


                • #9
                  What are you going to do with the white space to the left on the homepage? Will you be adding a slideshow of some of your images or something?
                  I prefer not to overfill the site, I will wait until I find something proper for that blank.

                  Your navigation fonts are getting cut off at the top.
                  I cut them on purpose!

                  I think you should have your navigation repeated on the other pages as well.
                  I will think about it, maybe using a kind of mini-menu below or something not so big as the current menu.
                  :daniel jacoby


                  • #10
                    I would have to disagree with giving instructions on how to navigate your site. It should be intuitive enough to not need instruction. On my current site, I have a few instructions, but that's why I'm rebuilding it.

                    Think about all the sites you would goto on a day to day bases. 95% don't need instruction. I agree it will drive people away if they can't navigate it, but instructions are pretty annoying as well.

                    With your site, yes it's not that easy for an newbie web surfer. But who is the clientele your shooting for? Hope this makes some sense.
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                    • #11

                      Don't help, be helpful. Rather than have instructions it should be clear to the user immediately.

                      I guess it would help the "/\/\/\/\/\" I had going on if it were on the same page.


                      • #12
                        It's all about the clientele someone's shooting for, like you said Bobbysky. I'm not shooting for newbies and I don't want a site like the 95% of pages people visit. I mean, if someone doesn't get to understand how to navegate my site, then he/she is probably not clever enough to understand what I'm saying with my paintings.

                        BUT... I don't want a site that everyone complains of neighter So I guess I will have to find something in the middle. I'm already thinking about a new design for my site, but for now I don't have much time to work on it...
                        :daniel jacoby


                        • #13
                          Hey, man, don't get too bummed out. Outside of the navigation issue (I still think that there's no reason the user can't access the buttons from the four different areas rather than pushing "Back" each time), I think the only thing you need to do is to fine tune your site...add a little bit more to it. It just seems like something is missing, though I don't know what that something is and hopefully something you can figure out. I got where you were going with this site from the beginning...I know you're doing the text cutoff on purpose, I know the extra whitespace on the left of your news box is done on purpose, I get it man! I like where you're headed, I just think you need to add a little bit more to it.


                          • #14
                            I won't hate it if you chuck the MMN.

                            I really ike the different backgrounds. Certainly a new approach. Well done as far as that.

                            Learn more about me here!


                            • #15
                              reuber1: I know you know you I am doing things on purpose, I just wanted to leave it clear. I am sure you are inside the clientelle I am heading to an that is why I am following your advises. Thanks for the critic by the way, I will try to find those missing elements you talk about. But still I want to redesign it completely, I am just a too anxious person, jaja

                              Image: Sorry, what means "chuck the MMN"? Mi inglich es nod sou gout...
                              :daniel jacoby






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