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    I illustrated this to enter in the fair using Illy 10/CS (CS is wonderful with the color sampling tool!). Anyway, it's almost done but I wanted feedback on it. I'm having a lot of trouble with the eyebrow on the right side. I trace the contours and fill them in but it just isn't right. Help!

    Point out anything else that seems off.

    Posterized original:


    I will grow old but I will never grow up.

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    I'm very new to Illustrator, but for what it's worth, there's some good stuff in there. The eyes and glasses come to mind as particularly well done, but that hair needs some serious work. I'm not sure how you're having trouble with the eyebrow area, but it could surely be done with a few carefully constructed gradient-filled paths!?

    Perhaps someone else can shed some light on sure-win techniques to finsih this off.


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      Frutiy Pebbles Vs. Cocoa Pebbles?

      Looks pretty good. Almost too good. I would probably push the colors a tad bit more to really sell the illustration of it. At first glance it almost looks like a photo, so much detail, which is not a bad thing, just depends on what you're going for. What's the latest curve count on that bad boy?
      "I will probably build her a cake or something."

      Define Yourself.


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        Originally posted by steelcoast
        What's the latest curve count on that bad boy?
        I dunno, a lot :-D
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        I will grow old but I will never grow up.


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          How's it coming along, shellebelle? I'm kinda liking the path composed illustration above ... it has much more character.


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            Yeah, I like that one too Ulysses. I actually haven't touched it since I posted it this morning (worked on it at school for two hours). Midterm burnout!

            Now I'm off to work on my half of a group project. My half is about 95%. Man I hate these things...
            I will grow old but I will never grow up.


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              Hey, check this out! I left the Gaussian blur in because I'd be here forever deleting it. Looks purdy cool... It looks really cool in white on black as well.

              Illy is by far my favorite program. I've discovered I'm more of an illustrator than a PS pixel monkey.
              Last edited by shellebelle; 05-06-2005, 10:49 PM.
              I will grow old but I will never grow up.


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                Don't let 'em take advantage, shellebelle. Slackers don't deserve to get an easy ride. Be sure you get one up, okay!?


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                  I actually think the blur takes away from the character. It also makes the hair too prominant ... you need to balance the picture as a whole. Perhaps take some of the hair detail out.


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                    Yeah, perhaps this weekend I'll play with it some. I need an avatar.
                    I will grow old but I will never grow up.


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                      That's the level of committment that is gonna get you far shellebelle, and leave those slackers in your group working in McDonalds. Work hard. Play Hard. Be good. Eat your Greens. Let the B*stards rot. lol


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                        Man, get me away from this thing. I am having too much fun for being home on Friday night!

                        I *love* illustrating. I recently illustrated a Honda Pilot and Acura MDX in b/w in Illy with just shapes and such (hard to explain).
                        Last edited by shellebelle; 05-06-2005, 10:57 PM.
                        I will grow old but I will never grow up.


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                          That is the advantage of being an intelligent and creative person, shellebelle. It is just as enjoyable to be doing something creative and practical, rather than just stuck in a smokey pub. Then again, that is where all the ladies go isn't it!? [dashes off to the pub]


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                            Not this lady Not big on alcohol. My dad and step mom are very into the "wine thing" and it just makes me laugh. It's just grape piss, people!

                            I am going to make a point of getting some bangers and mash when I'm in London next month.

                            I wore a skirt and nylons to work today and was quickly heckled by the girls there about my "hot date tonight". Yeah, with the washing machine. I was wearing a skirt because the shirts I wear with pants are all in the hamper!
                            I will grow old but I will never grow up.


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                              Originally posted by shellebelle
                              was quickly heckled by the girls there about my "hot date tonight". Yeah, with the washing machine.
                              Hahaha. That almost made you sound sexually adventurous with washing machines, shellebelle.






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