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  • How do these look? -(sites)

    I'm relatively new with designing. (2 years - on/off)
    I just think that there's a better way that I could sort my data and stuff on a site...

    Language wise, I know HTML... with some CSS and some Java.

    Anyways, any comments are appreciated.
    Just tell me what you think: (not finished) (VERY EARLY makings)

    Any comments, thanks.

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    the one thing that threw me and it's nothing to do with design, just usability, was the music. you should never make music a mandatory thing. I didn't see a switch to kill it either. I'm listening to my iTunes. If i wanna hear what your website is playing, I'll click an icon to play sound.
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      Sounds is almost always a no-no on websites unless you are doing an online presentation like a web-commercial, or you can get away with it if it is a site highlighting a musician. Even then, I still don't like the mandatory music, like danedawg said.

      The colors that you picked are incredibly harsh. A lot of contrast. I like the simple animation that you used in the Flash header of the first two sites.






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        Reply to What do you think of my website?
        Thank you very much!
        Today, 01:16 AM
      • B
        Reply to What do you think of my website?
        The website is simple, but nice. I'm also amazed by Anna Savina. She's so young, yet so talented.

        I agree with Risen28 that the large images could be compressed more to make them load faster...
        Today, 01:11 AM
      • natalya.jpg
        Reply to What do you think of my website?
        Hello Risen Thank you very much for your help! Could you give me some example for it? I'm not sure I understand how it looks.

        4) IF you are going to have so many videos on your site ,...
        Yesterday, 11:30 PM
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        seeking print services -- I am a reseller
        Looking for a recommendation:
        seeking this solution:
        1. printer or 3rd party supplies well-designed portal for my customers to order booklets
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        Reply to Heatmap help
        This is just off the top of my head — I haven't tried it, but...

        If you stack and align all 15 of them perfectly, you might be able to accomplish what you want by doing what I suggested...
        Yesterday, 07:59 PM
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