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  • Xeon
    Reply to Went to an interview and did a graphic design test
    Hi guys,

    Tks for the input. To elaborate further, there was no specific design brief for the test, other than "design a logo for company x. Company x is in social media services"....
    Today, 08:56 AM
  • PanToshi
    Comment on Use of personal props in photography work
    you could "enhance' with teh tassles, no? some glitter maybe?
    Today, 06:24 AM
  • Cerib
    Reply to Logo/Banner Critique.
    @VanHelsing: I was actually going for the Royalty/Kings theme anyways because they wanted the headline "OU Kings." I might have made it a bit too obvious with the clipart in the background,...
    Today, 05:22 AM
  • Mindlight
    Feedback for a logo

    I would like some feedback on a logo design. He has a small online presence and wanted help with a logo to use for the website, promotional materials and packaging.

    Today, 05:10 AM
  • PrintDriver
    Reply to Feedback please - for GD assignment
    First, you have to really think about your brand. You have a big old draft horse in a very modern space. Right now everything you have is sort of just sitting there being boring. How are you going to...
    Today, 02:54 AM
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  • Real Estate Team Logo

    The leaders name is Cloud. They were having a hard time thinking of a slogan so I came up with one. I don't have their pictures yet so I improvised and used the same picture for all three.All comments are welcome!
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  • #2
    Ok, this is what I would do...
    remove "team" (Team Cloud sounds corny)
    remove the blue cloud.
    and then, I can invision something working out.

    Good start though.


    • #3
      LOL, remove the word team, remove the word cloud, remove the blue cloud, remove the faces, remove the tag line.... LOL I'm just kidding!

      Seriously, I wouldn't use any faces as it's hard to market your face on a product, esp if your not Claudia Schiffer!

      I like how the word cloud blends but I don't like the word "team" as it looks. I would suggest using a white cloud on a blue background as a blue cloud suggests a rainy day.

      Other name options could be:

      Cloud Real Estates
      Cloud Estates group
      Cloud Realters

      "Miles above the rest" works well, also "The sky's the Limit", "Your silver lining" and "Putting the others in the Shade" could work.
      PS - This is what part of the Alphabet would look like if Q & R were eliminated


      • #4
        Monty Python is knocking around in my head, for some reason, and I can't quite put my finger on why.
        Creativity is taking what is and bringing in what isn't.


        • #5
          next try

          Gee, I'm so glad you liked it! Most of what you've seen was suggested by I'll try to submit something like this (without pictures) and see if
          they will go for it. What do you think?
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          • #6
            You are moving in a better direction. Try not using scaling on letters.


            • #7
              It's hard to deal with customers who know absoutley nothing design and think they know everything.


              • #8
                why is it that all real estate people want their pic involved at some point?

                I like the idea of using cloud but I agree with Kink... no team. sounds dumb. your second one is getting there. play with that a bit more.
                "Even when I'm not at 100%, I'm still 110% better then anyone else!"

                Check out my indie comic books at and


                • #9
                  Real estate people are very egotistical... They feel like a celebrity and deserve the airtime. IMO


                  • #10
                    like in american Beauty?
                    "Even when I'm not at 100%, I'm still 110% better then anyone else!"

                    Check out my indie comic books at and


                    • #11
                      Yeah,,, You could say that. Or they were picked on when they were little and feel they need to show bullies,"Hey look I made it."


                      • #12
                        LOL.. I find the same with Car Salesman.!!! LOL
                        ahem. .my bf is a car salesman!
                        I just did magnets for his truck.. LOL
                        it's got a big pic of him on it... I hate the pic too.. makes him look snobby!


                        • #13
                          Keep talking, I'm listening! Yes, Team Cloud sounds silly! Yes, they love to see their pictures in the paper. Yes, I may loose the battle anyway. So........I'll keep working until they like it. Haven't heard back on the last suggestion.
                          Last edited by 9iron; 05-11-2005, 05:32 PM.


                          • #14
                            real estate agents are the hmm whast the word, coinceeded... they have to have their faces plastered everywhere..... I like the direction your going, keep working on it, maybe work with the outline and make it solid.


                            • #15
                              I think you are misunderstanding the reason why real estate agents use their face on their ads.

                              The use of facial imagery on the ad gives the prospective customer the sense that you are interacting with a human. It gives a personal image. I'm sure there are some real estate people that are conceeded, but it is misleading to think that is the reason that they put their picture on their ads. There are CEO's of businesses that are conceeded, but they don't all put their face on their business ads. The use of facial imagery is something that makes certain markets, like real estate, different than other markets. Guess works. The most successful attorneys are the ones who show their face on their commercials. The most successful Real Estate agents do the same. They aren't models or great actors, but they let the prospective customer get the ability to see them personally. This develops trust in a market that is very touchy. People need to feel that they can trust their attorney or real estate agent to not screw them over and to take them seriously.

                              Plus, body language says a lot. The photos in these ads need to say "You can feel comfortable in trusted my services...and I am confident that I can help you". Comfort and confidence. You don't have to be Claudia Schiffer to relay this message. You're not trying to be sexy and "turn on" your prospective customer. You're trying to win their trust in you.

                              I like the "The Cloud Group" better than Team Cloud. The words "The" and Group" in that last example need to be reworked. Some fonts have a lot of serifs and detail and have a lot of weight on the screen. Other fonts can be san-serif and more simple and "clean" looking. It is usually bad to mix these two styles in the same logo. Also, the strong contrast between Cloud and "The" and "Group" brings a lot of attention to the words "The" and "Group". Also, you made "THE" in capitals and "group" in lower case. Those details also bring more attention to those two words. The result makes the logo a little messy, almost as if you couldn't make up your mind. I would tone those two words down a bit and allow the slogan or tag line to be brought out with a dark, bold color. You want people to glance at this logo and get the message. The message is insinuated by the colors and style and imagery (illustration or photos). The message is also s-p-e-l-l-e-d out by the slogan. Make sure the style is not confusing or (worse) misleading. Make sure the slogan is clear and not overlooked.

                              Prepare the logo to be glanced at, not scrutinized. Customers don't scrutinize logos. That is why these subtle things matter.


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