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The Return of riseUP

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  • The Return of riseUP

    Should be going to print tonight, what do you think?

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    [bump] c'mon guys, no takers?


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      lol, sorry, I had not been all the way down to the showcase since you posted.

      Like your fonts and your color scheme, as well as the style!

      On the back, the blue word "UP" seems out of place,changed "UP" to white text, then moved the date and location over to the left? I dunno, just a suggestion.

      Overall, two thumbs up!
      "It's never too late to be who you might have been." - George Eliot


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        thanks morea!

        in the past, we've always done different things to make the title, "riseup" stand out, so i figured the two-tone was a good way to do it. as far as moving the date and location to the left, i thought about it, but i was afraid that would leave dead space in the middle. hmm.. i'll think about that.

        the critique is greatly appreciated!


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          I am just speculating, would have to see it to know if it would actually work, you know? I was wondering if it would make "UP" stand out more... just tossing ideas around
          "It's never too late to be who you might have been." - George Eliot


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            Love the masking? Howed you do it?


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              Thanks, that picture is actually Oakland indie hip-hopper Zion I performing at Coachella with his crew. Basically i just converted to grayscale and messed with the levels. Then cleaned up a little with the brush.


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                It looks excellent good work!

                You got samples of Zion? He's hispanic?


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                  looks great to me


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                    Benjo, you can probably listen to samples on I don't think he's hispanic.
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                      and thanks, Mike!






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