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  • slatesimmonds
    Reply to Feedback for a coffee company logo!
    The name is "Wide Eye" hence why it is in the center. I was going for a minimal look. Look around you, no new innovative companies have graphic heavy logos. It is a logo not a picture.
    Today, 10:12 PM
  • HotButton
    Reply to geting clients
    There are a lot of reasons that freelancing doesn't work well when you're new to the profession, but the most fundamental one is that no one knows you. Most successful freelancers are designers who worked...
    Today, 09:15 PM
  • B
    Reply to geting clients
    The contest sites definitely won't be of any use in getting clients.

    I hate to say it, but getting good clients is the toughest part of this profession. I still pick up some freelance work...
    Today, 09:07 PM
  • KitchWitch
    Comment on Stupid question??
    Nope. Looks like I have to subscribe to you to do it.
    Today, 08:43 PM
  • ISitude
    Reply to Need to Recreate this Font (Efficiently)
    Thanks for the warning. Digitizing a font is not a crime and happens all the time with those who do revivals ...especially blackletter and more modern stuff like from the 20th century. Having said that...
    Today, 08:36 PM

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  • some logo concepts

    this is for a company that does electronic communications, (i guess) it's part of an assignment for a large display graphic, they needed a logo. so, I gave them these. Any suggestions, from y'all?
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  • #2
    Say no to swooshes! Oh god please...


    • #3
      Those are some of the coolest swooshes I've ever seen seriously. If you're going to use swooshes, I like the top right corner little 2 big T and the second row in the middle. I would try to make it work without having those hairline white strokes for separation, work the the placement of the swooshes so the same colors don't bleed into each other. Like an orange swoosh going into an orange T so much that it makes the T almost unreadable. I would advise not using swooshes however and coming up with something more original. Read this and see the light, You do have some good concepts there though. Your on the right track.


      • #4
        Swooshtastic. I like #11 the best (minus the swooshes) the color interplay between the t and 2 is interesting. Maybe work up some additional logos with that in mind. The colors work well together. Keep us posted!
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        • #5
          thanks guys! the client decided they just want a 'T' and a superscript '2'.
          Boring. I'll keep the swoosh rule in mind when next i do a logo...
          Me Blog, ya scurvy dog---->
          click the monkey... you know you want to... <updated 11/26!!


          • #6
            I dig how you've knocked out the letters in the last one. I would play with that some more. Maybe you will get lucky and find a shape in there some where that symbolizes an aspect of the company.
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            • #7
              Like Eraser said try some variations of the knocked out one with the superscripted 2. I would make the 2 a bit larger than your first example and try it out with some different fonts and maybe something cool will start to appear instead of being boring like you said. Keep us posted on the changes, but don't over update us on every little change like bobbysky . Just giving you the business bobby, your logo rocks!


              • #8
                First off, thats exactly the same color as FedEx, so if an individual see the logo far away they well read the logo in their mind as FedEx just according to the color or think it's something related to FedEx. I would like to see some different color combination if it is possible.

                Plus I see some thin strokes around the words which I think it will look better without them.

                Just my thoughts.


                • #9
                  FedEx is actually orange & purple but close enough anyway. Yeah I mentioned the outlined white strokes to him, I agree get rid of those.


                  • #10
                    Pedro, caught the business, now I'm taken it off a sweet jump. With the logo, who ever said it is like the fedex logo is a moron. Yep, T2 and FEDEX look pretty similiar with different colors.

                    With the logo, I don't know if any of them are really strong. The knocked out one seems all right but I would read it as 2T because of the super bold 2 and little T, Hierarchy. I would mabye try the T large and the 2 half knocked out on the right side of the T.

                    You need to have a concept here, there really isn't anything but the swoosh that says communications. Maybe make the T into a radio tower or something. Just my 2cents
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