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  • Strawberry Cigars

    Below is a Illustration/design I have been working on titled "Strawberry Cigars". This is self given excersise for no porpose but to give myself a break from the digital world.

    8x10 Pencil on Illustration Board.

    Skinwerks Tattoo & Design
    Scott Padgett Art

    "creativity is not a button you push"

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    I love the pencil work, having a little trouble getting a read on whats happening in her waist area, is she partially smoke, or is it snake coils, or maybe its supposed to be ambiguous
    "I has puter, I isam dsgna?!"


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      Hey Drorain. Yeah there are some antomy problems for sure, the waist area and below is still understruction. I had a version with her feet up in the air, but then I got troubled with what kind of shoes.. Either Boots or Flipflops.
      Skinwerks Tattoo & Design
      Scott Padgett Art

      "creativity is not a button you push"


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        Why can't i draw like that!!!

        I love what you've done so far, the shading is excelent! Can't wait to see the finished piece...


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          The composition is very well put together.

          The only thing that is bothering me is the anatomy.

          The head appears drastically emphasised over the rest of the body. Whether this was done purposly or not i really do not know. However, i feel the piece would work much more successfully if all the parts were in proportion - on this particular instance.

          Then again... i know the appearence of the human form is one of the most difficult representations to illustrate.

          good job so far
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            i like her! & her big head.
            Steeler Born, Steeler Bred And When I Die I'll be Steeler Dead!


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              Actually, this was the first time I approached a character with a oversized head. Really not my style at all to do this type of misporportion. I think it was the Anima style that I see so much lately that was dripping over.
              Skinwerks Tattoo & Design
              Scott Padgett Art

              "creativity is not a button you push"






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