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  • Dive logo

    I've found this one to be a little more challenging than other logos I've done in the past and could use some critiqueing. I sketched all last week and put it aside until this weekend and sketched some more. Of my sketches, these were the ones I felt had the most potential.

    A buddy of mine is looking to potentially open a dive business off of the southern coast. The name is decided and is Diamond Divers.

    He told me he'd like to incorporate a dive flag and a diamond, but I'm not sure how to keep it simple yet get the point across without making it look like a jewelry store or that they dive for This logo will be not only on biz cards, etc. but on apparrel as well.

    Can you please let me know which of these you think has potential or any possible suggestions.

    Personally I like a and d, but I really like the simplicity of c.

    Any suggestions? Thanks!
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    this is a tuogh one. I like the direction you are going in but none of these are really hitting me and it's not by fault of you. they are put together very well. I'm just not seeing diving. I keep seeing Pawn shop. that might be because we have a string of shops here in Orlando called Diamond Pawn and they use a similar diamond in their logo.

    Maybe if you take C and incoporate the diamond in there. Maybe the I on diamond can be A diamond... in red?
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      Hmm, once again it's a pleasure to see your work bro.

      I think D has the most potential. I quite like it.

      As for suggestions, I would say how about a wiggly line (sea bottom) and the diamond coming out of the line? Or would that say they 'dive for diamonds'? I would say a wave somewhere even if it's in the type or something might give it another feel. Not sure.

      Anyway, nice work, and best of luck!


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        I think E is the strongest, but none of them are really on point yet. It's tough to be innovative in a market that is so saturated (at least where I love). I think you've done a nice job, though, by hybridizing the diamond and dive flag. The text could be beefier, and more interesting. Try developing that one furuther. Nice start, though!


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          this one will come together, but i think you need to keep it simple. baseball diamonds are not 'diamond solitaire' shaped...perhaps you have to be less literal.



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            Lets see all the sketches,


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              the diamond is to in your face for me i think uncle is on the path i would like to see this go with. that's why i like C
              good luck & keep us posted.
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                I worked with it some more this evening. I agree, "c" seems to work well, so I tried to tweak it some..see "f" here. I think "F" is working out the's a lot simpler than the others.

                I also pulled a couple others together...any more thoughts? On "h" I tried to make dD like the reflections of the diamond...upside down...if that makes any sense. Is it too hard to read?

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                  i really like where F is heading. i'm not so much for the : over the I but i really like the A / V maybe they can extend up & down to form a diamond of sorts.
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                    Originally posted by vtwin_gary
                    i really like where F is heading. i'm not so much for the : over the I...
                    I was hoping this might give the appearance of diving, bubbles, etc. Maybe it's too cheesy.

                    Any thoughts from anyone else?
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                      I like the A | V from F, and H has a nice feel (though I'm not sure it connotes "diving"). But I still think you should explore at least the imagery part of E a little more.


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                        f. i don't think the 'bubbles' are working. not yet, anyways.

                        whilst i like the flag, i don't like the size - it completely overpowers the type. i think that a little more can be done with the a/v combo to encorporate your diamond motif, but i think subtlety will be key.


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                          i kinda got bored and did this... maybe it can give you some ideas.


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                            Thanks everyone for the help thus far.

                            My buddy checked these out today and he likes them all. He had a couple suggestions on a few of them. I've e-mailed him pdf's a few moments ago, but I don't have time to upload them now. Once I get some feedback from him and get these a little further along, I'll post up the latest for a little more feedback.

                            I'm happy with the way his revisions came I'll await his and his partners' feedback.

                            Thanks again for your help! You all can take the day
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