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    I really, really don't like showing things off before they're incomplete, but I've put so much work into this that it would be good to get some feedback as I wrap up some of the final touches on it.

    Before you say anything, understand the following:

    • The index page and the email page is not completed yet.
    • I haven't really spell checked anything yet, and some of the descriptions and text will be changed/added to.
    • Some of the top banner/headers are not finished yet, some pages might be using other page's banners as a temporary placeholder.
    • The profiles pages are definitely not done, I need to resample that generic logo photo and write some additional PHP to make things do what I want.

    Anyway, this is a website for my fencing club, I'm planning to use this site as something for my portfolio. Unique to this site is how the menubar curves around on the right hand side and text flows around it. But there was some challenges with this, primarily one that Internet Explorer won't allow z-index on absolutely positioned items floating over relatively positioned items. So I basically had to use some clever PHP to work my way around it.

    There are several dynamic/automated elements, primarily the photos page, the fencer profiles page, and the calendar. I wrote every line of PHP/MySQL code that runs the database and allows administrators to upload/add items to these elements.

    When I finish the index page, I'm going to use a seperate template with absolutely positioned items with a flash banner floating under the "curve." The flash banner will use the "Swords Don't Discriminate" theme that I showed off for flyers in the showcase a few months ago.

    But the index page isn't finished, so you'll have to jump on here:

  • #2 that I think about it, maybe this is more of a "Showcase" thread? I'll let the mods figure it out...


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      :: Moved to Showcase ::
      P r o d u c t i o n s


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        I think your navigation needs some more defining. Right now it looks like you can click on the big text but it's not active. I would add rollover effects to the actual links. My 2’.


        • #5

          When you say big text, what did you specifically have in mind? Like the weapon names?, etc? The rollover effect idea is interesting, but I would like to stay away from javascript, I'm not a big fan of it. On the other hand, I think CSS has some rollover ability though I've never tried it.


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            i like the shape of it, but agree with tweaking the nav...also, the first image isn't working for me...might be the colour (yellow/black). oh - and i REALLY don't like how the titles are kissing the images.

            that said, i think it's a good start! keep tweaking!


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              I won't remove the image because it's a historical one (the father of the lunge), but I can certainly twink the color...I'm thinking the background a light, light grey to give it that "historical" look. Not to mention it would match the colors better.

              I debated on the header titles hugging the banner, but I didn't want the header title to dwell too much into the content area. Do you think actually putting that title "in" the header banner would be better? That's kind of what I'm leaning towards....


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                even a 50/50 deal might work better...try it and see!


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                  Okay well here is the problem on Introduction, Classes and Contact they won't take you anywhere when you click them but Photos does.

                  That makes your hierarchy confusing cause it’s void when you click on Photos.

                  You can use CSS Actually here is the code. Just use a list to hold your navitation.

                  #ul, #li {
                  margin: 0;
                  padding: 0;
                  list-style-type: none;

                  # a:link, # a:visited {
                  line-height: 14px;
                  font-family: Times New Roman, Times, serif;
                  color: #000000;
                  text-align: right;
                  text-decoration: none;
                  # a:hover { color: #D38D48; }
                  # a:active { color: #D38D48; }


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                    Oh duh, you were speaking of the menubar.

                    I can't quite apply the whole thing just yet because I have to write out image maps, but here is what I came up with....


                    Edit: Since uploading that image, I've dropped the bullet-points and made the text slightly larger. (not reflected in that image)
                    Last edited by Patrick Shannon; 05-26-2005, 04:36 PM.


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                      Okay, I have made the appropriate adjustments and have cleaned up/tightened a few additional things, not to mention create some "workaround" for Internet Explorer.






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